7 Tips To Start

Meditation: 7 Tips To Start

Meditation is popular these days. Everyone is stressed, is in a hurry and has a busy schedule. The result: we suffer from lack of energy or we even get sick. Just a moment of time in meditation is increasingly important for many people.

Meditation is an excellent tool for reduction of stress and pain. It helps increase focus and it builds better resistance.

Are you interested in meditation, but you don’t know where or how to begin? You’ve come to the right place! Meditating is much less difficult than you think. The following seven simple ways will get you started:

# 1
Keep it short.

Do not start with an hour a day. Keep it short and simple. You already enjoy the benefits of meditation if you regularly meditate briefly. Start with five minutes a day. Go gradually [at a pace that suits you] to 10-15-20 minutes.

Keep focus.

If you can’t concentrate with your eyes closed, try to focus on the flame of a candle. Or listen to soothing music. It is important to try to stay in the moment and not at your to-do list. See also #6.


Meditate at a fixed time. Just before bedtime for example. Even if you are not always going to sleep at the same time, meditating just before bedtime gives you a good structure. The drowsiness might even help you to empty your head. After meditating you will fall asleep faster and you’ll sleep more deeply.

Some prefer to meditate immediately after getting up in the morning. Experiment with it and pick the time of day that suits you best!


A few simple stretches before your meditation ensure a smooth transition between the activities of the day and meditation. Try to concentrate fully on the exercises. Through a ritual of a few exercises you will already get in a meditative mood.

A comfortable position.

You really do not have to sit in a full lotus to meditate. Each comfortable position works. Choose the one that suits you: on a chair, a pillow, a mattress or mat. Do not lie down in your bed. There’s a good chance that you fall asleep…

Just breathe.

Start with focussing your attention on your breathing. Breathing deep slows the heart rate, relaxes the muscles, focuses the mind. Breathe in and out deeply and hold briefly before taking a new deep breath. Concentrate on this rhythm. Sometimes it helps to count your breathing.

Be happy!

You took some time for yourself. You’ve just done nothing for a little while and you deserve that! Do not rationalize it. Don’t think that you could have spend the time more useful. You’ll soon enjoy the health benefits of meditation, including increased concentration, decreased anxiety and a general feeling of happiness, so meditation certainly is no lost time.

Our last bonus-tip:
Notice when your interest in meditation begins to wane. Meditation sometimes gets frustrating, not being able to focus as you woulde like, and you will inevitably come to a point where it seemingly does not fit into the picture anymore. THIS is when you need your practice the most. Come back here, read a book or listen to a CD about meditation and become reinvigorated with the practice. Chances are that losing the ability to focus on meditation is parallel with your inability to focus in other areas of your life!

Meditation is an absolutely wonderful practice, but can be a frustrating one in the beginning. Use the tips described in this article to get focus an to get your practice to the next level!

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