Need More Energy?
7 Tips!

Need More Energy?  7 Tips!

We are all so busy. Juggling with balls called ‘career’, ‘family’, ‘me-time’ and ‘social life’.
Difficult to keep them all up in the air…

Do you often feel tired? Does everything cost you simply too much energy?

Your energy level largely determines the quality of your life. If you feel energetic, you experience more fun. You feel more alive and happier. And you feel successful! Fortunately, there are some simple and easy things you can do to boost your energy level immediately. So for those who need that quick fix: seven tips for more energy!

Take a cup of coffee

The caffeine in coffee will immediately boost your energy and increase alertness. You will get it all going again! But do not drink too much coffee, though. This can give a few nasty side effects…

Do a mini-meditation

Close your eyes and consciously take a deep breath. Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly and pause for two seconds after the exhalation. Concentrate on the breathing and empty your mind. Concentrate on ten of those breaths and you feel fitter immediately. Do this every day, serveral times a day on a regular basis and you feel less stressful. Guaranteed!

Do a powernap

An little powernap of 30 minutes maximum immediately creates more energy, better mental performance and [perhaps the most important] more peace of mind.

Keep it tidy

If you keep your environment clean and organized, you will also find less clutter in your head. There is space. Clarity! The result: more mental and physical energy!

Take breakfast

Scientifically proven! Breakfast creates immediate physical and mental energy. Moreover, it is shown that people who eat breakfast have a healthier lifestyle. And thus they are more resistant to stress or depression. And…

Eat more vegetables!

Carrots, tomatoes, spinach. The brighter colored the vegetable, the more antioxidants it contains. And antioxidants help you fight the free radicals [villains with only one goal: to demolish your body] in your body.

Take a day off

Do yourself a favor and just shut down for one day. Just once in a while do something nice. Just because you can! Because it’s fun. Something without obligations and definitely not work-related. Plan this in advance, so you’ll also get energy from the ‘looking forward to’!

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