7 Things To Do
Every Day!

7 Things To Do Every Day!

M otivation is what makes you start, but the habit is what makes you keep doing it. Habits determine the quality of our lives. Aristotle said it: ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’

Your daily habits are highly correlated with success or failure. By doing something everyday you can achieve goals that would be otherwise impossible. By doing something every day you can give yourself the abundance mindset.

There are some simple daily habits you can integrate so you can perform at your highest. Here are seven of them. You can begin implementing right away.

Make your bed

Don’t underestimate the sabotaging power of an unmade bed. It sends a negative message to your subconscious. There is a serious correlation between making your bed and your happiness. Making your bed contributes to your inner calm. It marks the start of your day and you start the day feeling efficient, productive, and disciplined. And you’ll make your mom proud…

Do something nice for someone else

Doing something good every day, is a positive way to live life. Every person has the ability to make a difference. The tiniest acts of kindness can change the world for the better tremendously. Can you give someone a genuine compliment today? Give someone a gift or do a favor? Choose things you can do lovingly. Find a nice thing to do for someone else every day.

Be present with others

For an extravert like me, this can be a challenge sometimes. But remember: every person we encounter shapes our life. Don’t be just half-present. Be fully focused on the other person with your whole body and mind. Put away distractions. Engage in the conversation. Listen. Ask questions. Give time for answers. And look people in the eye when you do. Their eyes reveal far more than their words.

Accomplish one big task

For most of us our to-do list is longer than we can accomplish in one day. To make the most of each day, choose one big thing on your list and do it. Do it first! If you finish, move on to a small task, before going to the next big task. After finishing your [first] one big task, alternate the big and small tasks.

Do one thing that you love

It’s too easy to get caught up in the daily routines of life and to forget to give yourself time each day. Apart from just living life you have dreams and goals. You have hobbies that you love and activities that breathe life into you. Do one thing that you love every day!

Make a list for tomorrow

Before you go to bed, make a quick list of things to do and remember tomorrow. This will get them out of your head. You’ll sleep better. You feel organized and it gives you a map for the next day.

Nurture your soul

Our lives are more than flesh and blood. They are also mind, heart and soul. We starve our souls when we rush through life. Find time each day to feed your soul. When you nurture your soul, you create more joy in your life. Take walks in nature. Laugh! Meditate in serene surroundings or soak in a bubble bath [with a good book... my personal favorite!]. Whatever suits you best!

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  1. Great one! At the end of the day I often feel like I haven’t accomplished enough… I know I put this pressure on myself, no one tells me I do too little. Most people tell me that I do so much. But then I think… you should know about all the tasks in my head that I didn’t do yet. Thanks for remembering me again of the fact that it all depends on how I look at it.
    Going to write down these 7 things on a piece of paper. I’ll see how I’ll feel each day after doing just these 7 things. Maybe this is the reminder I need to keep calm and be awesome :) .

    • Mirjam Stoffels

      Thank you, Stephanie!
      I’m sure you recognize those days that you did 101 things and in the end feeling that you did nothing… That’s why I focus on #4 nowadays. I start with the one big task I want to accomplish that day right away. Accomplishing it gives me a tremendously good feeling for the rest of the day! The one I find the most challenging is #3. Too often I find myself talking to Marcel or one of the kids with one eye still at my computer…
      Let me know how you succeed in keeping calm and being awesome!


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