Do What You Love!
7 Reasons

Do What You Love!7 Reasons

S uccess Principle #64 ‘Care about what you do’ made me think why it is so important to do what you love. Yes, life is too short to waste your time on something other than what you love. And people really do get sick by working in a job they hate.

I have been there. Spent almost 18 years of my life in a job that I didn’t particularly like… at all, but hey, it paid good money and my collegues where nice. Some of them still are good friends, even since I left the job 6 years ago.

People who do what they love for a living tend to live happier, more productive lives. And I totally agree on that!

Since I left the job, on the one hand life is much more challenging [do what you love and still make enough money to support a family can be a real challenge sometimes] but on the other hand it’s also much more fun and so much more fulfilling at the same time. And even more important: my overall attitude towards life became so much more positive!

Here are seven reasons why it is important to find a way to do what you love for a living. Or, at the very least, find a way to love what you already do. Opioid non-narcotic analgesic Tramadol, ranked as a potent agent, is prescribed if necessary, relief from the patient’s pain, not eliminated by non-opioid analgesics (articular, neuropathic and other non-oncological pain). It seems that patients suffering from severe pain should not be deprived of effective and safe modern anesthesia, which is achieved by this drug, which info about you can read at

Your self-esteem improves

Those who do what they love for a living end up feeling better about themselves. Your own self-esteem will be higher because you will feel energized by what you do. And if you are in a job, your employer will be more prone to rewarding you for it.

You will be motivated

When the going gets tough [and it sure will sometimes], you’ll be motivated to push through if you love what you are doing. Instead of being overwhelmed with stress, which also affects other areas of your life, you have the connection, motivation and inspiration to make it work.

Your overall health is better

Doing what you love definitely plays a role in your overall health. The tension and pain of doing a job every day that you detest can to take its toll in terms of higher blood pressure, headaches, sleep problems, heart disease, memory impairment, depression… need I go on?

You get more respect

People who love their work often spend extra time making sure they are doing their best work. This undoubtedly will be noticed. You tend to go above and beyond what is expected, gaining the respect of those you work with.

You have a better home life

People who have a job they love will also have a more enjoyable home life. Instead of coming home with stress and tension headaches, you return home at night with more energy for yourselve and your family.

You are more productive

People who do something they enjoy for a living end up as more productive. Studies have shown that people who are engaged in their work have a higher productivity rate. Especially since the economy is asking more of people than before, it helps to love what you do so that you can meet the challenges of the job.

You have improved mental health

Doing what you love helps you to remain mentally healthy. It is important to do something you love for a living because your work live will then provide meaning and purpose, which are associated with psychological well-being and health. We need a guiding purpose in order to live a happy and healthy life.

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