Stay In Business?
7 Essentials

Stay In Business?7 Essentials

D o you want to stay in business or… In these challenging economic times a lot of businesses cease to exist. They are closed or go bankrupt, a harsh reality!

My question to you: do you want to stay?

More and more companies find themselves at the end of their possibilities. Taking action is vital, now more than ever. Work on your business, instead of just in your business. You don’t get there with just working and ‘being busy’! The point is that you have to focus on making your business bigger and not just on getting the work done.

From my own experience I know that there are some essentials that you shouldn’t miss, being an entrepreneur.

I learned some of the lessons ‘the hard way’. The advantage of that is that I will never forget them. Still, learning things the hard way is not preferred, so take it from me that the following essentials are inevitable for the success of your business. Take advantage of these seven absolute necessities…

Don’t just care for your customers

Please don’t step into that trap! There are oh so many subservient entrepreneurs. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others, let alone of your business. So how can you better take care of yourself, improve your health, clear your head, refuel on time? Take care of yourself first!

Take responsibility

And I mean take responsibility for everything that happens in your business. It is your business and that means that you are responsible. Of course you can delegate tasks, but ultimately you are responsible. So take everything in your business seriously, from A to Z.

Inform yourself

Make sure you’re informed on a broad perspective. You need to know what’s going on. Even if you have an accountant, a mortgage broker or an insurance agent. The more you know about the outsourced services, the better you can anticipate, make decisions and save money.

Learn from setbacks
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This may sound absurd, yet if you apply this you’ll make a big leap forward! A setback gives you a huge opportunity to learn something. If the lesson is not learned, then you get it again [in the form of a new setback]. Until you’ve learned the lesson to be learned. I know what I’m talking about… it really works this way!

Develop yourself

Look for your strengths. What is your power? What are you good at and what comes easy to you? Maybe your great in organizing things, or you have creative talents. Or are you and excellent trainer? Develop your talents to the next level so that you become a rock star in that area. Think about it… How can you use your talents in your business so it gets more profitable?


Something that has to come natural to an entrepreneur is perseverance. Make sure you stay optimistic and inspired. Keep looking ahead, literally and figuratively speaking. If you don’t see the big picture anymore, create some distance. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Look at the situation from a distance and you’ll get new insights.

Enrich everything in your business!

Enrich your business, make it more valuable. If you have employees, start with them. Enhance your relationship with your employees. You’ll see that works directly to your clients. And every day ask yourself question: ‘How can I increase my service today?’ Work directly with the answers you get. Teach your employees to do the same. Results guaranteed!

Not so long ago I heard the statement ‘no view outside, without insight’. Oh, so true! Insight and understanding in your business and in yourself… if you do not have insight you’re scr#*&ed. So again: keep working on your business [instead of just in your business] and keep working on yourself. This will give you all the insights you need.

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If you look at all these essentials, which is the first one you’re going to pick up and adapt to your business?
Please share your insights or experiences to this subject!

I love to hear from you!

Helmy Kleinlugtenbeld

Life Coach, trainer, organizer, coordinator, entrepreneur and mother of two. Born ‘at the billiards’ as they say. From childhood I experienced the challenges entrepreneurs face. With the NAC model of Tony Robbins I’ll teach you to look through a different lens, explore possibilities and focus. Let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and

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