Touch Each Other…
7 Benefits!

Touch Each Other… 7 Benefits!

I n my previous post ‘SEVEN Ways to Reduce Stress’ I stated that showing some love -by cuddling your pet or giving an unexpected hug- lowers your blood pressure and decreases stress hormones.

Besides these health benefits, touching someone just feels soooo good! Whether it’s a squeeze of the hand or a big bear hug, a relationship is not complete without touch.

We do it a lot! Touching or hugging each other. Or that unexpected kiss on the cheeck. Lov’ it! And always these little hands in my hand, walking the kids to school [one twin daughter on each hand]. Or our oldest one, who likes to use me as a climbing frame [or punching bag when he is Donatello, the smart purple ninja turtle].

Touch is essential, like eye contact or a smile. Touching each other can deepen a relationship or repair it. A lack of touch can ruin a relationship. When expressing your feelings for someone else physical contact plays a crucial role. From formal to intimate.

A touch can break boundaries and connect two people in a close relationship. And the secret behind all this is more than skin deep!

When we touch someone else we exchange energy. There is no way to avoid the fact that some kind of energetic connection takes place at a touch. Even in the seemingly innocuous acts as shaking hands or your hand on someone’s shoulder.

What happens when we touch? Here are seven benefits!

We feel connected to others

We are social beings. We all need to have that sense of connection to other members of our tribe. Some of that connection comes from having conversations with others. And touch as non verbal communication plays a very important role in human communication.

Touch reduces anxiety

Simply touching another person makes us feel more secure and less anxious. It can make us feel grounded and safe and not so all alone. It’s not just children who could use a warm, reassuring hug to make things a little better. So if you’re feeling like a bundle of nerves, go ahead and ask for a hug!

It helps to bond
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Touch is one of the ways romantic partners bond with each other and parents bond with their children. If you get busy in everyday life and let touch go out the window, you’ll often find that you don’t feel as close anymore and family relationships suffer. Regular contact is one of the ways that we continually renew our bonds with those we love.

Touch lowers your blood pressure

Studies have shown that those that get regular physical contact often have lower blood pressure than those that don’t. Even having a pet has beneficial effects! Touch can also slow the heart rate and help speed recovery times from illness and surgery.

It improves your outlook

It’s harder to get pessimistic when you feel connected to others. Touch makes people feel more optimistic and positive and less cynical. A positive, trusting attitude towards others can reduce tension in your daily lives and improve your relationships.

Touch gives us the sensory input that we crave

All our physical senses are truly important for proper brain and emotional development. All the various kinds of touch, from butterfly kisses to deep tissue massage, send our brains the physical inputs it needs to make sense of the world. So, along with touching other people and pets, make time to explore different textures and touch sensations such as letting cool sand run through your fingers or taking a warm relaxing bath.

We express our feelings by touch

Sometimes a gentle touch creates the safety that allows stifled feelings to surface. This can feel scary at first. However, when expressing and releasing feelings is a part of your self-care routine, you become appreciative of these opportunities. The English language reflects the link between physical touch and expressing emotions. We speak of videos, plays, and movies that move us deeply as ‘touching’.

So…big hugs and kisses!

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  1. Ik ben weliswaar een man en je mag me ook weigeren, maar ik wilde je laten weten dat ik laatst bij een vraag aan een groep van coaches de vraag kreeg: “Wat is nodig voor goede coaching?” Ik antwoordde “aanraken” …en ik werd verbaasd aangekeken. Fijn dat ik in jouw blog de 7 motivaties terugvindt. Ik werd trouwens door Miranda Berden op jouw site attent gemaakt.
    Succes ermee!

    • Mirjam Stoffels

      Dank je wel voor jouw reactie, Frans. En hoewel seven2success zich richt op vrouwen, is het mannen natuurlijk ook toegestaan om te reageren. We kunnen immers allemaal van elkaar leren!

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