An Efficient Team:
7 Ingenious Ways

An Efficient Team: 7 Ingenious Ways

I mproving employees’ efficiency is the dream of every manager and therefore many styles and tricks are used to try and motivate them. This is because efficiency not only translates to an easier time managing but also better production results.

Every employer wants to have the best when it comes to employees. This is entirely up to them as any person can make a quality employee if handled in the right way.

Here are seven unusual yet outstanding ways of improving efficiency in your team. These ways of making employees more efficient will go a long way in ensuring that you have an excellent team of motivated workers who share in your dream to make a better business.


Planning is an integral part of any undertaking and not just a business. A well planned business has set goals and a vision which every employee can relate to and is motivated to achieve. Planning will involve knowing where you are now and determining where you would like to be in a specified period of time.

Quality employees

Get the right crew. The better your employees, the better the results they will produce. Get quality employees who will not only share in your dream but work tirelessly towards making it come true. Hire people of integrity and who take work seriously and you will be guaranteed of success.

Effective communication channels

The best performing companies are the ones in which every employee has a voice. Listen to your employees’ ideas and make them count in your decision making. The best way to ensure that your employees are motivated to work harder is by implementing their ideas. This encourages team building as opposed to meaningless competition.


Employees who are creative not only enjoy their work immensely but they are more likely to share in your goals. This is because they picture an idea in their head and are willing to see it become something tangible. Working with innovative employees is a sure way of succeeding in your business.

Encouragement and motivation

Every now and then all employees, even the most diligent will experience burnout. Motivating them by giving them incentives and encouraging them verbally will go a long way in ensuring they remain efficient. Of all the aspects of creating good employees, motivation ranks as the best. It can also be used to encourage team building and especially when one gives incentives in form of joint trips and excursions.

Team building

A team comprises of people with different styles and ideas which when brought together work for the best results. Making the team will involve determining each of your employee’s talents and strengths and maximising on them. This makes them blend well into the set up by being worthy contributors. Everyone needs to fell needed to be efficient.

Evaluating outcomes

One needs to take action on employees’ ideas and create results. These results will then need to be evaluated to measure their success and then discuss them with the employees. Making them feel like part of the whole process is a good enough motivator for them to be more efficient.

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