The Game of Life:
7 Essentials

The Game of Life: 7 Essentials

People say that what we’re all seeking is the meaning of life…
I think that what we’re really seeking is the experience of being alive.“ ~Joseph Campbell

Do you spend a lot of time doing things you don’t wish to do, in places where you don’t want to be, for no other reason than that you feel you have to?

Do you find yourself working only because you have to bring home a paycheck, satisfy your friends and family, and meet the expectations society has set up for you? Are you feeling restless and unfulfilled in what you are doing?

Do you feel that you are failing to reach your full potential in the most important areas of your life? Have you abandoned a dream that a deep part of you still longs to realize?

Do you find yourself in less than an ideal situation out of pure habit?

Regardless of your circumstances, you probably desire more. You might not be able to place a finger on it, but you have a nagging feeling that you have not accomplished all you can, and that fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction are continually slipping out of your grasp.

The sad reality is that many people are trapped in a similar survival trip and so it appears that the real meaning of life only concerns struggle. But here is the newsflash – life is not about merely surviving – life is about living! I give you seven essentials to understand the game of life and living it:

You deserve more

You deserve more than just the bare essentials of existence. There is much more to life than just measuring up against expectations created by society based on what others believe is right for you.

It is all about you!
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With the above I am talking about finding out what it is that YOU wish for. About living up to YOUR own standards. About finding YOUR passion and living YOUR dreams.

The quality of life

The 20th century was all about raising our standard of living. We certainly have raised it. The technology and science that were developed over the past six decades allow us to live much more comfortable and enriched lives in addition to giving us far more in the way of leisure time.

But… has this technology really increased the quality of our lives? Are we, as human beings happier now than ever before?

What lies within you

The answer is of course very individual, but from my personal observations I see, an increasing number of people dissatisfied with what they possess, although it appears that they have everything that they could want. It would therefore seem that the answer to life is not found through material possessions or what you acquire. The quality of your life depends on something that lies within you.

Unlimited power

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have an unlimited power inside just waiting to be expressed. When you do not use that power you feel this through a sense of disappointment and unrest. We were all in contact with our power when we were children. Have a look at children and see how they are passionate about everything they do. See how much power and aliveness they possess.

Reclaim your power

Reclaiming your power will allow you to live your passion. When you live your passion you have infinite choices.

No more limitations

Most of the limitations you think you have in your life are self-imposed. Still they affect your relationships, your work, your self- esteem and self-confidence. Reclaim your power and you can break through all these limitations and expand the quality of your life tremendously!

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Vered Neta

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