The 7 Lies
of Success

The 7 Lies  of Success

L ast week I told you about my intention, my goal to read 12 non fiction books the coming year and how I started this journey with the book ‘Unlimited Power, the New Science of Personal Achievement’ by Anthony Robbins.

Although I certainly don’t want to turn this blog into a book review website, Tony’s book provides me of great blog content and I don’t want to withhold any valuable information from you….

In ‘Unlimited Power’ Tony writes about the Ultimate Success Formula:
know your outcome,
take action,
know the results that you’re getting, and
have the flexibility to change until you are successful.

Now understanding that Ultimate Success Formula is great, but how do you get yourself to take the actions necessary to achieve our goals? With the ending of 2013 and setting new goals for 2014 this is the right moment to have this question answered, don’t you think?

The answer is to have empowering beliefs. The successful adopt beliefs that empower them to take the necessary actions.

Beliefs have a direct impact on how we perceive the world.

Because all beliefs are subjective [you never know if your beliefs or perceptions are really true or not], Tony Robbins calls the seven core beliefs of the successful ‘lies’. He explains that the word ‘lie’ is a way to remind us that we don’t know for certain how things really are. The only thing that matters is that your beliefs work for you, support your objectives, and make your life and the lives of those you love richer.

According to Anthony, to model success, we need to start with the belief systems of the successful. In his book he provides seven ‘lies’, seven core beliefs that empowered people have that gets them to take more action and to produce greater results in their personal and professional lives.

So here they are: the seven lies of success!

Everything happens for a purpose, and serves us

Successful people have the mysterious ability to focus on the possibilities in any given situation. They think in terms of possibilities. They believe that every adversity, every failure carries within itself the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

We will always face setbacks as we fight for our goals and dreams. Think of how powerful you will be if you adopt the belief that every event happens for a purpose and is meant to serve you!

There is no such thing as failure, only results

Successful people do not believe in failure. Failure does not exist… for them. They always succeed in getting some sort of results. If they do something that doesn’t bring about the desired outcome, they see that as a learning experience. As feedback. They try something new that brings some new, different results. It is a never ending process of action and reaction, adjustments and corrections.

Whatever happens, take responsibility

Take responsibility for whatever happens. Successful people operate from the belief that they create their world. When you believe that you create what happens, good or bad, you start to feel empowered. If you don’t believe you create your world you are at the mercy of circumstances. By taking responsibility you have the power to change the results you bring about. There is nothing more liberating than when you come to the realization that you are in control of your world.

You don’t need to understand everything, to use everything

Successful people don’t believe they need to know everything about something in order to use it. They use what is essential without get dragged down into every detail. Successful people know what is essential to understand and what is not, and utilizatize all resources to their advantage. Successful people are exceptionally good at discerning what is important to them and what is not.

People are your greatest resource

Respect and appreciation for people is a universal quality that all achievers share. They have team spirit, a sense of unity and common goals. Successful leaders all understand that the success of their business all depends on their people.

Work is play

Do you know anyone who has achieved immens success by doing something s/he hates? A key to success is a happy marriage between what you do and what you love. Don’t waste your life away by doing something you hate. Find something you truly enjoy and you will find success.

There is no success without commitment

People who succeed believe in the power of commitment. Successful people are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed [without harming others]. That distinguishes them from the majority. Don’t be a ‘try-baby’. When someone says that they will try, you know that they won’t get it done. ‘Try’ is just a front end excuse. Commit to your goals and don’t give until you reach them.

The seven lies of success are examples of beliefs that will empower you take more action.
Nice to take with you into 2014!

Unleash your success!

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The floor is yours!
Which of the core belief[s] above is totally you?
And which one[s] you still have to work on?
Tell us in the comment box below!
Thank you.


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