Bold and Confident:
7 Tips!

Bold and Confident: 7 Tips!

Once upon a time there was a small child known as you. You were born into the world pure and perfect, aware only of your own needs. If those needs were met, if you were held, fed, kept safe, warm and dry, your world was perfect.

But around the time of kindergarten, things started to change. You encountered other children whose words stung, who were faster, stronger, smarter, prettier. You had to perform in school, to win the teacher’s approval, to follow the rules. Even your parents, as much as they loved you, subtly reinforced these new rules with their hopes and expectations for you. Your self-confidence under attack!

Confidence is a tricky, tricky little thing. Feeling good about yourself is so easy to put at the will of others when it should only be up to you.

Luckily, your identity is not locked to the past, to your parent’s expectations or demands, to your past failures and successes or even to your current view of yourself. Your identity is something that you can create. Every single day. You are driving this self-assurance train and it’s ready to depart from the station.

Here we go!

Look at your best

Take care of your appearance. Dress nicely. Get your hair styled. Put on some make-up. When you look your best, you feel more self-confident. Pay attention to your posture also. Stand up straight. Keep your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your chin high. Walk with purpose and sit up straight. When you look like a confident person on the outside, you’ll be approached as one by the world around you.


Arranging your facial muscles in a smile actually makes you feel happier and more confident. It triggers those feelings in your brain. You’ll be surprised how even the smallest of smiles can disarm many social situations and make everyone feel more comfortable. If you’re worried your smile is fake, then keep it small. On the other hand, if you’re genuinely happy to see someone [or just happy for the chance to practice your new confidence skills] flash those teeth!

Make eye contact

This can work wonders on how other people perceive you. Practice looking boldly into the eyes of whoever you are talking to. Don’t be afraid. It shows that you are a person worthy of communicating with, and it tells them you respect them, that you acknowledge their presence, and are interested in the conversation.

Get out of your head

A lack of confidence has nothing to do with the external world, so you have to get out of your head. If you catch yourself having an inner dialogue, just stop. Identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself and challenge them. Find evidence to the contrary. Pat yourself on the back a little and remember the things you excel at. Boost your sense of worth.

Drop those that bring you down

It’s hard to be confident in a group of people that you feel are constantly judging you. Those people need to be dropped like a bad habit. Now! Surround yourself with others who make you feel like you’re the best version of you there could possibly be. It’s only around these people that you’ll be able to make the growth you want to make. Who you spend time with, is who you become!

Pretend to be bold

When you are alone imagine yourself as a bold person.Vividly visualize yourself being confident and positive. Close your eyes and mentally enact a scene where you face everyone boldly and now slowly open your eyes. The image you created will remain etched in your mind if you do this frequently. Now bring that boldness into practice and gradually you will succeed in being what you so sincerely hoped to be.

Remember that everyone struggles with confidence

Some people are good at hiding it, but nearly every person has struggled with his or her self-confidence at one point. You’re not alone! And if you can think of someone who’s confident, odds are there’s a situation they’re not so confident in.


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