7 Ways to
Boost Your Success

7 Ways to Boost Your Success

I believe that your business will always be as big as you are as a person. No matter how many strategies and tools you will learn in order to grow your business, the most important part in your business is… YOU!

Therefore, the difference between those businesses that are successful and those that are struggling is what type of businesswoman you are and what you are doing to boost YOURSELF!

So, if all those tools and methods that you’ve invested and all the time, energy and effort dedicated in implementing are not producing the results that you wish for, check out the following seven ways to boost your success. See what you are using and what not, and where you can improve!

Accept assistance

Get help with some of what you are trying to do, or be willing to let something go when you are overwhelmed.

Vision it in!

Dedicate time daily, to visualizing what you wish to create, and spend time doing some kind of practice or review of what you have done. Commit to doing something every day.

Avoid wasting energies

If you cannot focus on the chosen aspect, let it go and do something else. If blocked, let it go for a while and come back to it later.

Release expectations

Understand that the universe may have a way of bringing the whole thing together, which your personality self had never even considered. Don’t tie the hands of your Higher Self, by insisting on a certain sequence of events.

Be willing to take it one step at a time

Get used to not being able to see the next step. It will be revealed when you have done the work needed in the present moment.

Practice good will gestures

Find someone to encourage, lift up, or support. In the reality of the feedback loop, you will receive what you give out, and the support will be there when you need it.

Use conscious speech!

Watch how you speak out about what you want to create – choose words and images carefully. Share only with those who will support, encourage, and gently challenge weak points, from a position of support. Your body hears every word you say about your health. Your mind hears every word you say about your abilities and skills.

And last but certainly not least: end the day when the day ends. Thank yourself for doing your best with the time, release any unfinished business and ask for dream time teachings, healing and help as you drop away to sleep.

Have a magical day!

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Vered Neta

Trainer, coach and author of ‘Financial Independence for Women’. Helping to create personal, business and financial success. I am the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, and founder of Balanced Business Women. My long term goal is to support women on their path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise. Let’s connect on Facebook or follow me onTwitter.

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