7 Reasons of
Reading Books

7 Reasons of Reading Books

It is a well know fact,
that nowadays people spend less time in the company of a good book, and the reasons can be different.

No doubt, it is easier to type messages in any social network, play computer games or just lying on the sofa and watching TV programs.

But what about our intellectual and spiritual development? Reading is useful for everyone.

So today I give you:
seven reasons why you should read books!

Reading increases your vocabulary

When reading books of different genres, you can face such words that you never used in your common speech or have never seen before. By the way, it is not necessary to search in the dictionary its definition, if a word is unfamiliar to you. Sometimes you can guess the meaning by its content. Reading helps not only to increase the vocabulary, but also improve your competence and literacy.

Reading helps to communicate with people

This is the second factor. This is a real chance to improve your communicating skills. Just after reading several classic authors you will see how your level of storytelling raised. You will become a more interesting interlocutor and impress those people who do not read books.

Reading makes you more confident

Do not surprise if reading books will make you more confident. Yes, it really works! While in conversation you will be able to demonstrate your high erudition and profound knowledge of a particular subject. It also has a positive effect on your self-esteem.

Reading lets you get rid of stress

Modern life can’t do without any stress. Reading will help you to get rid of it. The world of books has a property to calm your mind and release the body from stress. Keep in mind, that reading has a special effect before going sleep.

Reading has a positive effect on your thinking

When reading, you think a lot, so that you could understand this or that idea in the work. You concentrate on many details such as the characters, their clothing, the surrounding objects and so on. You have to keep in mind a lot of things that are needed for understanding the book. So, reading trains memory and logic.

Reading is beneficial for your creativity

You can generate brilliant ideas from various books. They gather experience. They inspire learners. In a word, reading makes wonders.

Reading is useful for you concentration

And finally, there is the seventh reason why you have to read books. It is very useful for your concentration. One could not but agree that while reading it is necessary to concentrate on the content of the story, without being distracted. This skill is very profitable for any other activity. Also reading books develops your objectivity and ability to make correct decisions.

Now, when you have read all these reasons, you have a certain ground of being involved in reading activity!


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