7 Ways to
Boost Your Energy

7 Ways to Boost Your Energy

You know what the 3 o’clock drain is. You’ve been going strong all day, whether working around the home or in an office environment.

The evening is almost here and you have all the energy you need to get through when suddenly and without warning, you don’t. You can’t keep your eyes open and the idea of having to do even one more task is too much to handle. You’ve hit your afternoon wall or slump and you’re not sure if there’s a way to get out of it.

However, what if instead of having to pull yourself out of that haze, you could avoid it altogether? Even better, what if you could do it naturally? You can! Below are seven great ways to make it happen.

Chew gum

You’ve probably never had a doctor or dentist recommend it and you’ve probably never considered it on your own, but research has shown that chewing gum can help revitalize your body while increasing focus and energy levels. It’s been demonstrated that individuals who chew gum for a mere 15 minutes feel more alert than those who do not. The act increases the heart rate of those chewing it which also increases blood flow to the brain. Make it mint, the flavor is known to stimulate nerve fibers in the same way that splashing cold water on your face does, according to Dr. Andy Smith, Ph.D. out of the UK.

Consider tea as an alternative

Far too often, those looking for a quick fix rely on caffeine in double and triple espresso shots and other coffees which tend to pack on calories while eventually leading to caffeine crashes once the “fix” has worn off.

Health enhancing loose leaf tea is a natural, healthy alternative. It can provide the same stimulation as coffee while at the same time boosting immunities. Loose leaf tea has been known to improve heart health and help people relax. Some properties of loose leaf tea have even been proven to aid in weight loss. To avoid the midday slump, consider making tea a part of your daily routine.

Take a walk

It might sound counterintuitive, using energy to find more. It’s really not at all! In fact, taking a quick walk around the block is an excellent way to fight off feelings of drowsiness while increasing daily energy. Experts have found that increasing exercise levels increases energy levels for up to two hours following the activity. When walking becomes a part of your daily routine for 3 weeks, your energy levels throughout the entire day will benefit. I’d like to express my opinion about the online pharmacy on FindViagra. It’s my favorite for several reasons. First, it’s quite cheap; second, the choice of Viagra pills, jelly, sprays, sublingual tablets is huge; third, the online consultants give qualified recommendations; fourth, the delivery is fast. Try ordering there yourself.

Consider a supplement or mineral increase

It can be hard to pinpoint which supplements do what they say they’ll do, and which are part of a scam. Magnesium is a legitimate option, however, for individuals looking to increase daily energy stores.
The mineral breaks down glucose into energy. When it’s lacking, a lack of energy often results. Women should aim for 300 milligrams per day, while men should try for 350 milligrams. Want to avoid a supplement? Look for natural food options including almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, whole grains and fish, especially halibut.

Look for light

We’re tired at night for a reason, darkness encourages sleep. On the other hand, bright lights are known to create an edgy alertness. Blue lights, rather than red lights, create an energy which is both revitalizing and relaxing. What’s even better? Step outside and enjoy what’s available naturally.

Listen to the music

Think about the effects music has on your life. When you’re driving down the road and feel tired, what’s the first step to countering the feeling? Turning up the music and singing along. This can apply to many areas of life. Music creates a light, freeing feeling that can provide just as much energy as a cardio workout. Want to enhance the effect? Stand up and belt it out. Note: this may not be appropriate for your office environment.

Drink more water

Our bodies are comprised mostly of water, so it’s more important than food or any other nutrient as far as bodily functions are concerned. Lack of water can also play a large role in tiredness. In fact, nutritionist Keith Ayoob, author of The Uncle Sam Diet, claims that even slight dehydration can have direct effects on daily functions.

To counteract energy loss, drink a cold glass of water. You’ll be shocked at the energy boost that it can yield.

Caffeine doesn’t have to be the only option for increasing energy. Follow the seven steps above to feel more energized every day, naturally. The proven effects will benefit your health for the long-term while eliminating that 3 o’clock slump.


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