A Breakthrough?
7 Tips!

A Breakthrough? 7 Tips!

Maybe your motivation has dropped below zero.
Perhaps you want to walk an entirely different path.
But how?

Are you stuck? What you need is a breakthrough! A way to get it going again. Here are seven ways to make it happen. With some inspiring examples!

Go public!

You have big plans. Huge! You have it all figured out… in your head. The danger: your plans stay in your head and all that remains is a daydream.

Go public with your plans! Put your goals in front of others. Tell your mother, your best friend or even better: on a blog!

At age 24 Laura Skladzinski was the youngest woman ever to run a marathon in all 50 states. ‘If you’ve told everyone that you want to go run a marathon, you can not just give up.’ So she launched her blog, 50by25.com. ‘If you set goals for the eyes of the world, you feel much more accountable’, she says.

Join the club

However big your goal you can draw enthusiasm and ideas from like-minded dreamers. Climb into Google and find them!

Kids in school and ready for a comeback in the job market? Want to start a business of your own? Comeback Moms provides advice. The Freelancers Union offers meet-ups, webinars, and job leads for consultants, graphic designers, writers and other independent contractors. SparkPeople includes free personalized weight loss tools like meal plans and fitness trackers and support from millions of members.

Get into Google and you’ll find all the information, inspiration and ideas to get you going on the world wide web!

Be frank about the risks

At first you might think that if you just ‘provide security’ your loved ones at home will buy into your plans. But maybe it’s a better plan just to be honest and vulnerable to get them into ‘support-mode’.

When Cynthia Warner, top woman at BP, wanted to make a career move, she shared the potential risks and impact it might have on her family frankly with her husband and children [two teens]. After 10 years in England they would have to move back to the U.S. of A. Maybe do with lesser income… or perhaps no income for a while. However Cynthia dreamed of producing renewable energy. Her children were fascinated: ‘Cool mom, just do it!’ and she got all the support from her husband. Now she is president of Sapphire Energy, a thriving firm that develops fuel made from green algae.

No one there to help? Do it yourself!

If help or at least a little cooperation isn’t at hand: do it yourself! And don’t let them tell you it can’t be done!

Amanda Hocking had hundreds of rejections from publishers and had almost given up hope, when she realized: ‘If I have a big dream, it is not up to others to tell me that it cannot be done!’ And she decided to do whatever it takes to get her books published. So she published her novel herself. Electronically on amazon.com. The first day she sold five books. The next day another five. She continued writing and publishing [sometimes for only $ 0.99 per book]. Her fan base grew steadily. Today she has grossed $2 million and is a bestselling eAuthor on Amazon. In the print world stardom is waiting for her too: St. Martin’s Press offered her a four-book, $2 million deal and bought the rights to her ‘The Trylle Trilogy’.

Know what you have to give

Sometimes your strengths [your ability to speak Spanish or to repair household gadgets] are so obvious that you simply overlook them…

Hunter Heaney made ​​a trip to a refugee camp in Uganda. When he came back he convinced his friends Anna Gabriel and Chris Holmes to join forces for Ugandan women. Women who were mostly widows, raped and whose children were abducted and forced to join militias. Hunter, Anna and Chris knew that they wanted to help. Their plan really took off when Anna, daughter of musician Peter Gabriel, realized that she has a vast network in the music industry. All her life she had been surrounded by musicians and she realized that that was something she could give. Hunter, Anna and Chris created The Voice Project. It began with one artist covering another and inviting the covered musician to do the same. Thus creating an ongoing chain of songs and artists that use music to help raise awareness and drive donations to support to women in Uganda. P[l]ay it forward!

Encourage amazement

Not all inventions come from hard working people who have been paid to realize a project. Most inventions arise out of curiosity, a wonder. So you might want to practice amazement for al least 10 minutes a day.

The best way to step out of your usual thinking patterns is make a ‘Hmmm?’-sound aloud. ‘It is simply impossible to criticize yourself if you make that wondering sound’, says life coach Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD. ‘If your ‘Hmmm’ is followed by a question like ‘Hmmm, I wonder how the logo should look for my business?’ or ‘Hmmm, I wonder if I need a new website?’ or ‘Hmmm, I wonder if I can …?’, then it unlocks the mind and gets all the creative juices flowing.

Embrace your critics

Naysayers and ‘Can’t be done’-people are everywhere and will alway be there. Embrace them…

Let criticism never [never!] be an excuse to give up your plans and go through life embittered. Look at the critics, silently say to them ‘Thanks for sharing’ and use what you hear as an opportunity to grow further. Remember: criticism is cheap and available everywhere. Give your critics a hug. They help you more than you [or they] know.

Why do critics criticize? Maybe they themselves feel that they are not good enough. Perhaps they envy your passion. They might also like a higher purpose in life, like you. Indeed, criticism, although focused on you, is really about the other person. Think about what others really are saying about themselves. That puts the criticism in a different perspective, releases the knot in your stomach immediately and makes your energy flow again! Criticism is only words. Those words mean nothing untill you give them a meaning. So don’t!


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