Checklist: 7
on Happiness

Checklist: 7 on Happiness

Abraham Lincoln said,
‘Most people are as happy
as they make up their minds to be.’

It isn’t the event that determines how happy you are. It’s what and how you think about the event, which determines the state of your happiness.

Remember the famous pray, ‘Grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

In order to create happiness in your life focus on what YOU can change:

Your thoughts
Your beliefs
Your expectations, and
your behavior.

There is absolutely no point in wasting your time and energy in blaming others or your circumstances, which are beyond your control.

Instead of being angry at other people’s ‘selfishness’ and inconsiderate behavior, remind yourself that you have no control over what others choose to think or do. Simply refuse to turn into a whining child because of situations and events beyond your power to alter or fix.

Here is a quick checklist, just seven items that can help you maintain happiness as a general state of being.

Appreciate the moment

Notice the good things that are happening to you right now, whether it’s a beautiful sky, a happy child, a lovely meal with your friends. Who knows how many years or days one has so live this moment fully.

Choose to see only the best

Choose to see the best in people and the world. You are the maker of your own destiny. You will always see what you choose to see. We tend to see only the ‘evidence’ that confirms our beliefs, thereby convincing ourselves those beliefs are ‘facts’. So choose to see the best and only the best will appear.

Be grateful

Write a gratitude journal. Take stock of all the good things in your life and just be grateful. Every night before going to bed, remember three good things that happened and write them down. Do this exercise everyday without fail. Eventually your brain will get hard wired to appreciation and gratitude and that leads to happiness.

Take chances

Be bold and take a stand. In a study with elderly people, they found that people’s biggest regrets were not things they did, but things they didn’t do. Susan Davis says, ‘Joy comes from taking risks around your deepest values.’ So I am daring to write this checklist on happiness even at the cost of you all making fun me, thinking that it’s old news, rubbish or too sentimental!

Live by your values

Think about what is important to you and the kind of person that you want to be. Then make everyday decisions based on which actions are most in alignment with who you want to be and what you value.

Remember to breathe

Really breathe. When you feel stressed, take a few deep breaths. Focus on filling your belly with air, then expelling all the air from your body. When you feel totally empty of air, take a new, full breath. This breathing exercise refreshes your mind and body.

Get enough sleep

Your body is your vehicle that carries you through life. You’ll need to give it the resting periods it needs to recuperate and get energized. What is enough, is up to you. Each of us has a unique body that needs different patterns of sleep. You figure out your pattern of sleeping.


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Vered Neta

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  1. Absolutely working on #4… take chances, be bold – widen my comfort zone.
    Nice blog! thanks for sharing!


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