7 Ways to a
Successful Mindset

7 Ways to aSuccessful Mindset

Ialways believed
that your business is only as big as YOU are as a person.
Your business will be able to grow as much as you will.

Once business owners and entrepreneurs get this point they start developing success habits, which include taking care of their health. They start exercising and eating healthy. They develop their physical strength and health.

However, in order to be truly extraordinary and successful you’ll also need to develop your mental strength and develop a healthy mindset.

Business is tough and demanding and you will need to train yourself in the art of what I call ‘failing forward’. Meaning that when you fail in something you’ll need to use it as leverage to the next goal and project.

Here are seven things you can do in order to develop your mental muscles for success:

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Stop feeling sorry for yourself when things don’t go right for you. When a situation turns bad, instead of feeling that the world is against you and that life is ‘not fair’ train yourself to say ‘What can I learn from it?’ [and make sure you follow up on it]. Simply say… NEXT!

Reclaim your power

No one can make you feel bad or inferior unless you let them! You are in absolute control over your actions, thoughts and emotions. Learn how to master your emotions and thoughts and work with them in a way that would support you.

Start loving change

I think one of the reasons both Nisandeh and I are successful is that we hate standing still and when things become ‘normal’. I think our biggest fear is not the unknown but that things would become too comfortable and known and we start operating on automatic mode.

Start loving an environment that allows you to keep changing and developing all the time and you will develop those mental muscles for success.

Stop worrying what other people will think

If you wish to be successful you will need to stand out of the crowd. You will need to focus on what is right FOR YOU, not about what other people think or if they would like it or not. You will need to develop those mental muscles that will allow you to navigate situations where people might not like what you do or say. You’ll need to stop trying to please EVERYONE.

Stop complaining

You cannot become successful as a victim. Part of being a victim is complaining on stuff that you have no control over, like traffic, lost luggage and… other people. When things go wrong recognize that you are the one that is in this situation and just focus on what CAN YOU DO, focus on what solutions can you find for this situation.

Learn to ‘fail forward’

Learn the ability to use every failure as a chance to improve. All the successful entrepreneurs I’ve met [or read about] share that 80% of their ideas failed. It takes only one good idea to make it a great success. You want to be able to make as many mistakes as possible in as shortest time as possible to become a success and thus develop your mental strength. Be willing to fail again and again and again, so every ‘failure’ will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

Think long-term

Whether you are starting a new workout or a new diet, or a business you need to realize that you are in for the long-term. You want to be able to develop the patience to see the results that you wish. Most people are looking for immediate gratification and therefore want instant results. Extraordinary successful business people have a long breath and are willing to do the work for the long-term and not be discouraged when results are not showing up immediately.


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Vered Neta

Trainer, coach and author of ‘Financial Independence for Women’. Helping to create personal, business and financial success. I am the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, and founder of Balanced Business Women. My long term goal is to support women on their path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise. Let’s connect on Facebook or follow me onTwitter.

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  1. Prachtig artikel! Waar ik meer van zou willen hebben (leren) is lange termijn denken. Geduld is iets waar ik aan mag werken. Verder heb ik afgelopen week een dag ingebouwd om heel bewust niet te klagen. Nergens over. Dit beviel zo goed, dat ik dit bijna automatisch heb doorgezet en nu al een week eerst nadenk voordat ik iets ga zeggen!


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