Business Growth:
7 Questions!

Business Growth:7 Questions!

W hen we were in school the only way to be respected and regarded as a success was when we knew the RIGHT answers or having many answers.

In business life this ability is sometimes the main problem that many business owners and entrepreneurs have… having too many answers. The problem with having too many answers is that it comes with too many ideas and too many attractions to go and follow and therefore no focus!

What I’ve found out was that much more important for your success is asking the RIGHT QUESTION.

When you ask the RIGHT questions you can create more focus on your priorities, you give better service to your clients, you give them much more value than they expect, you develop better strategies and better campaigns which allows you to reach higher goals.

Here are seven questions that could help you focus better and unlock your business growth:

How will people learn about the value I give?

In today’s business world you MUST show that you are different than all the others that claim to do what you do. Your #1 goal is to find a way to communicate why you are different from all the others. This has to be clear to the prospects from just looking at what you are doing and it has to be clear according to THEIR point of view, not what you think.

This typically takes the form of advertising, public relations, referrals and partnerships.

What will make them want to know more?

If you want to be successful in today’s world you’ll need to look at your potential clients as long-term relationships. You must have an entire education system in place so that a prospect can come in and learn and experience how you’re different.

Often this step is achieved through content such as blog posts and eBooks.

What would bring them to be interested in my story?

In order for people to buy from you you’ll need to go through the cycle of trust. First they need to know about you, then like you and finally trust you. This question really gets to the heart of the trust issue every business faces. How would you earn their trust so they would be willing to listen to your story of what really makes you unique? Prospects that have come to this point are interested in what you do, now they need to learn how you do it in a way that corresponds with their values and beliefs.

Often, reputation management, reviews, social proof both written and videos are crucial for this element.

How can I offer proof that they can get the result they desire?

Gone are the days that a promise was enough [if ever there were days like that…]. You must find ways to offer substantial proof that you can deliver a result. Case studies and customer testimonials are a great place to start, but nothing beats a real life experience.

This is the place where trial offers, evaluations, workshops or free versions of what you do can allow people to sample your brilliance in a lower risk form in order to make the decision to make a full purchase more easily.

How can I make the buying experience fun, effective and convenient?

If you wish your clients will refer again and again to you, if you wish them to buy more from you, you MUST make sure that the experience they had with you goes beyond just the product or service you gave them. You need to make sure that the whole process that a client goes through is fun, effective and gives them a positive experience. One of the best ways to do it is by over-delivering, which immediately would lead to referrals and word of mouth buzz.

What can I do to measure and ensure my customer gets the result s/he expects…

…and more? I know that you can never guarantee that your customer will get the results. If they don’t do what you tell them to do, or they don’t use what you gave them… they cannot expect a result!

However, you want to make sure that you have a system in place that would encourage them to use what they purchased from you. You must have a system that you can measure their success so they can see their progress towards their own goals. This not only allows you to fix any lingering issues, but it also allows you to celebrate the value you bring to most customers and use that as both proof and validation for raising your prices.

Create a results review process and make it part of your growth plan.

What will lead every customer to talk about me to his or her friends, neighbors and colleagues?

In a way this question should be the first question you should ask yourself. This question is one of the best ways to improve your business. It would focus you, from the start of your relationship with each client, on the next step that you want that client to take, which is a referral. At the very least, you must start to think in terms of moments of truth, or touch points where you plant the seed for referrals.

One of my favorite ways is being just straightforward with my readers and workshop participants and I tell them, ‘I want your experience with me to be so great that you would tell your friends, and anyone that you know, that can benefit from what I have to give, about your experience with me.’


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Vered Neta

Trainer, coach and author of ‘Financial Independence for Women’. Helping to create personal, business and financial success. I am the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, and founder of Balanced Business Women. My long term goal is to support women on their path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise. Let’s connect on Facebook or follow me onTwitter.

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