Energy and Business:
7 Reasons!

Energy and Business: 7 Reasons!

E ntrepreneurs understand that energy plays an important role in their business. What else is image, branding and deployment other than a form of ‘energy’?

Of course, you can always ‘just’ start to consciously work with subtle energy within your company, but usually there is a reason.

Today I give you seven common reasons to start working with subtle energy in your business.

You are looking for a new or a different kind of customers

If you want to reach a different target audience with your current offering, this calls for an integration of two energies: the atmosphere and energy that the new audience feels comfortable with and the energy of your current target audience[s]. If you just want to focus on your new target audience, this requires a change of energy in which this new audience best feels at home. When you create an atmosphere, energy and intent according to that, a new customer flow almost follows naturally.

You want to reorganize

With each reorganization a lot of stuck energies get jumbled up. Old methods are replaced by new and tasks are redistributed. Employees provide resistance to change and thus slow down the process. Working with subtle energy removes the energetic blockages and obstructions and helps the transition to new internal processes run smoothly.

A bad atmosphere at work

A bad working atmosphere is a collective name for ’causes that produce an atmosphere in which it is not a pleasure to work’. If you want to know what factors determine an atmosphere, and how to assess the quality of an atmosphere, then download my free e-book. I will teach you how you can create a better atmosphere with energy work.

There is a high turnover of staff

A rapid change in personnel indicates an energetic disharmony between company and staff. Remarkably high absence due to illness may be an indication of geopathic stress in the workplace. Subtle energetic work transforms these ‘blocking’ energies into a supporting flow.

A move

When your business moves, you want to be sure that the current ‘energy of identity’ of your business remains the same at the new location. Also, you’ll want no energetic legacy of the previous ‘residents’ integrating in your new workplace. Subtle energy work helps with this.

A company takeover

In a takeover or merger two energetic identities come together. When these identities are far apart, the consequences are painfully obvious sometimes. Even if the differences do not seem so large, they may be just enough reason for disharmony. When a takeover is [also] guided energetically, the chances of a smooth process will increase considerably.

There is ‘something’ with which you, your staff or your customers do not feel comfortable

Is a workspace avoided, because it feels uncomfortable? Are sales low in a certain area of the workspace? Are there ‘suddenly’ many accidents? Is there a ‘presence’ experienced which no one can see? Something that is experienced, but not seen, has to do with a form of subtle energy. By communicating energetically with the space or area, the workplace harmonizes for optimal results.

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Nicky Koopmans

Geomancer. I help you to better quality, more productivity, more efficiency, more creativity and more health in your business and in your personal life. I do this by studying the subtle energies around you. You can also contact me for workshops. I speak Dutch, English and German. Let’s connect on Linkedin, Facebook or!

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