Space Clearing: 7
Simple Techniques

Space Clearing: 7 Simple Techniques

W hen was the last time you were at a place where you thought: ‘Wow!’ A place so beautiful and peaceful that you could have stayed forever?

Where do you go when you need some peace and quiet? What do those places, where you are most comfortable, feel like?

Sit down and take some time to imagine yourself at this favorite spot. How does that feel? What are the characteristics of that atmosphere that is so pleasant to you?

Now imagine your own living- or work environment. Does that feel more heavy, musty, or sticky compared to the place you were just thinking about?

And would you like to experience something that feels a bit more like your favorite place? Then get to work with these seven simple space clearing techniques. They might look like common sense, but especially with use of tip number seven, they make a world of difference in the energy levels of your space.

Let fresh air in

Open up the windows and let brisk airs ventilate the room. Fresh air always gives a boost.

Let the daylight in

Open up the curtains. Also those of your bedroom during the day. Let the sunlight in. With light comes energy.

Clear your clutter

Get rid of all stuff you don’t need. Put things back where they belong. Give or throw away all things you don’t want or need anymore. Everything you hesitate about, you put away in the atttick or cellar. It can only be there for a year. Haven’t you used it in that year, then you don’t need it and it can be disposed of. Also make sure that all furniture, objects, paintings and trumpery in your space give you a positive association.


With a quick sweep, mob or vacuum, you remove dust and dirt that accumulates daily on the floor. Your place will feel al lot fresher.

Make it smell good

Fresh air and nice smells have a positive effect on your mood. Smell the fresh flowers in your home or burn some incense in your favorite flavor. Beware that the smells do not dominate.

Use sounds

Stimulating sounds change the atmosphere almost instantly. With bells, drums, singing bowls, instruments or your favorite cd you cause vibrations that ‘loosen up’ the stagnant energies.

Put your intentions to work

With intention you intensify the effects of all of the clearing methodes mentioned above. During proceedings, imagine that all consumed, old and not useful energies will be replaced by positive, vital and harmonic ones. Use your intentions with one methode or with all of them. Notice the difference!

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