Stay Focused:
7 Tips!

Stay Focused: 7 Tips!

A s a businesswoman you’ve probably experienced the challenge of time. It seems we never have enough time for all that needs to be done.

The biggest thief of time we have is lack of focus. We live in the ‘Age of Interruptions’. It is so easy to get distracted by the thing that is calling the loudest, no matter if it’s the thing you really need to do today.

Here are my seven tips for staying focused and getting the right things done.

Better planning

I start each day by writing the 6 most important things I want to do that day. Next I write down how long do I think this task would take [in minutes]. The last step is scheduling those tasks along the day, giving it a specific time in the day. I keep this list all the time in front of my eyes so that when I’m faced with a choice of doing one thing over another, procrastinating or making busy work, I can refer to it and know that if I choose to focus on an action on that list, I’ll be doing what needs to be done.

Keep your promise

I make a promise to myself that I finish everything on my list before the day is over. If something takes longer than planned, I take a look at the other tasks I wrote down and I check if finishing this one is vital for today. If yes than I first complete it and then choose from the other tasks what is the next most important one that I need to tackle.

Focus is a game

Being a woman, I hate to admit to the next fact, but multi-tasking is not as great as we make it out to be. It was proven that when you multi-task, your effectiveness goes down, your success rate is down and… your IQ goes down [Hate it, but true!]. Once you start to practice single-minded focus you’ll realize what a gift it is, but you need structure to do it effectively…

Take breaks

If you use the system that I mentioned in tip #1, you’ll notice that the idea is to set the tasks on time. Then use a basic timer [even the kitchen timer will do]. Do laser focused work on one thing only for a set time period and then take a break for 5-10 minutes. If I work from home that’s the time I practice my vocal exercises, I take 10 minutes on the Power Plate I have at home, or do anything, which is fun and energizing. Then I dive in again on one thing. If it’s a day in the office then I go outside and just stroll around for 10 minutes, or that’s the time people can ask me questions.

Get what you resist most off the list

I’ve found making a list of action steps for the day and checking each off as I complete them is a great way to keep a daily plan and motivate me to complete the list. I’ve also found that those tasks that are either boring [like finance] or scary [like making that sales phone call] I tend to leave to the end of the day. But then I never get to do them until it is either too late or in the last moment. Therefore I found out that the best way to handle it is get the thing you fear or don’t like doing, done first and you’ll free up the creative energy to focus on the rest of the list.

Chunk big projects

Sometimes big projects, ones that require large inputs of time, can be hard to get started because they feel overwhelming. Using the timing system listed above I’ll often dedicate some blocks of focus to a big project every day for a week and then find that by spending a little time each day, I’ve reduced the project to one final push. The key here is to keep a list of these big projects, break the list into some action steps, and then review it each day and add some steps to you daily plan.

Set your boundaries

One of the biggest interruption causes is… other people. Therefore you need to train them not to step into your space when you need to be focused. First step is turning off your email and silence your phone. Set an automatic respond saying you will respond to their email within 24 hours and do it on your time and not on their time. Hire a phone service that all your phones are directed to it and get the messages from them, again, in your time. Train the people around you that you have specific times for them and stick to it. Don’t let them come with the ‘Got a minute for me?’-question. Direct them to those break times that you take between your daily tasks.


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Vered Neta

Trainer, coach and author of ‘Financial Independence for Women’. Helping to create personal, business and financial success. I am the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, and founder of Balanced Business Women. My long term goal is to support women on their path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise. Let’s connect on Facebook or follow me onTwitter.

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