Slow Down
in 7 Steps

Slow Down in 7 Steps

What do you do with your spare time?
I mean the time in between appointments, meetings and the moments you’ve planned nothing at all.

Last week I was aware of the fact that I use my spare time to do something I have planned for the next day. So I will have more time for myself that next day. To do what?

I have no idea. Because the spare time of that next day, I do some things I have planned for the day after. So I don’t win anything with it.

At the end of the week I noticed I took too little moments of rest and my body began to surge immediately. I could hardly move forward at the end of the week.

No moments of rest
My clients also tell me they don’t take moments of rest and that they are going on and on. No breaks to sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, to take a walk to the shop or the mailbox, to pick the kids up at school, to walk the dog or……[fill in the blanks for yourself].

More than you can chew
Often you can’t manage to slow yourself down because you aren’t aware of the fact you’re getting ahead of yourself. The people around you, your partner, family, colleagues or supervisor worry and ask you if you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your immediate reaction is a ferm ‘NO!!’

How can you slow yourself down?
Step 1
Become aware of the fact that you getting ahead of yourself.

Step 2
Now get some clarity on what you do in a day. This can be done by writing down what you do in one day in terms of work and private life.

Step 3
Describe how you are feeling doing all of that.

Step 4
Ask yourself how you can do things in a different way? What can be done different? Where can you build in some moments of relaxation, a moment for yourself, take a walk at lunch, come home and sit down for a while?

Step 5
Let your family know that you’re taking a moment for yourself, so you will just be left alone.

Step 6
At the end of the day, ask yourself ‘What went well today?’ and

Step 7
Give yourself a compliment! Be gentle to yourself when it doesn’t work out that well. Start again the next day.


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How about you? Are you getting ahead of yourself?
What is your strategy to slow down and take some time for yourself?
Share your wisdom with us in the comment box below!!

Edith Helwegen

With my business Serenity Coaching I help entrepreneurial women who experience stress keeping all the balls in the air. I do this through online coaching by getting them back into their power and let them experience what it is to create more peace in their lives, to lead a balanced life and live effortlessly. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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