Be Your Own Hero:
7 Steps

Be Your Own Hero: 7 Steps

You cannot control the world. You cannot control other people. That is why it is so tempting to feel like a victim when something goes wrong.

But the person with the most power over your life is the person looking back at you in the bathroom mirror every morning. You are the one who is making the decisions in your life. You are the one in charge of your thoughts, words, and actions.

Contrary to popular belief, it will never be your boss, your significant other, your parents, or anyone else who holds any power over you. You owe it to yourself to make the best things happen to you. Be your own hero!

Being a hero means not giving your boss, your spouse or your parents the power over your life and happiness. Being a hero means keeping your power by always taking full responsibility over the quality of your life.

Excuses and blaming others for the quality of your life is no different than kryptonite. And just like holding onto kryptonite, holding onto excuses and blaming others will only make you weaker.

So take full responsibility for the quality [or lack of it] of your life, because let’s be real: Superman is busy, Superman isn’t coming.

No more giving your power away to excuses and blaming others. No more waiting for the world give you what you need. No more waiting for Superman. Be the hero in your own story, because real heros don’t need a cape…

Stop waiting

No one is going to save you. Take over control yourself and stop waiting. Stop waiting for things to stop being so difficult. Stop waiting for the easy way out, for things to miraculously get better. That is the thing about life: it gets hard sometimes. Things not always go not as planned. You get fired. You fall out of pace with your life. You end up eating a pound of chocolate. So what? Instead of waiting for life to happen, make it happen. Instead for waiting for a change, create a change.

Take action

As long as you keep waiting, things will stay the same. If you don’t like what is happening in your life, take action and make a change. Decide that you are worth the risk of taking action, and that your dreams are not to be sold out. It may be scary, but it will be worth it. You must leave behind the comfortable and familiar if you want to move onward and upward.

Don’t give up

You stopped waiting and took action. Then you get to a part where you feel like giving up. Don’t! As long as you are alive, anything is possible. The only valid excuse you have to give up is if you are dead. As long as you are alive [and healthy and free] you have the choice to keep going until you succeed. Things take time and you will make mistakes. Learn from them and keep moving on.

Be brave

You are stronger than you think. One little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Neither are 10 or 100 or 1000 setbacks. Remember that when you arrive at the lowest point in your whole journey, you have nothing to lose – and that is exactly the time you have to keep moving. And sometimes that means going back to square one… Never give up because you only might have one last thing to overcome.

Choose wisely

Life is filled with choices and they definitely make life tricky sometimes. When you have come to a turning point [or even the previously described lowest point in your whole journey], choose wisely how to move on. And how do you know that what you choose will work out? The answer is, you don’t. You can never know for sure that it’s going work out as you hope. All you can do is follow your strongest calling, and then trust whatever the future holds. It will enrich you life anyway, one way or another. Keep your mind open and your thoughts positive!

Trust in yourself

Honore de Balzac once said ‘When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.’
Self-doubt has a way of getting under your skin. And muting those voices of self-doubt can by quite a challenge. There’s a voice deep inside you that tells you your truths. That all knowing voice that comes from a place of self-love. Be kind to yourself. Don’t allow any garbage in your mind. Not coming from the inside and not coming from the outside. Stay away from people who don’t get you, who criticize you, who belittle your opinions and smother you with theirs, who make you shrink. Surround yourself with people who love, support and nurture you. You can do it!

Don’t look back

Refuse to look back once you have made the decision to become your own hero, to stop waiting and take action instead, to keep hanging in there and trust in yourself. Don’t try to move forward while looking backward. Trust in the process of life!


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