7 Questions to
Stay on Track

7 Questions to Stay on Track

I was having one of those ‘bad’ days where nothing went right. You know, those days were Murphy’s Laws are being manifested one after the other. Ever had such a day? Or am I the only one?

As I was struggling with those incidents, that kept on showing up through the day, and the growing frustration inside of me, I knew that I needed some time out and a way to recharge myself so I could continue on – as I was on the edge of throwing it all up and saying ‘I had enough…!’

I turned to the only person that I know that can bring some sense into my world in these kinds of times – my beloved partner [and husband…].

The only thing he did was ask me a few questions which, as I answered them made everything clearer and easier. I could breathe again and go on with my day with much more clarity and energy.

My good friend Laura Atichson says in her great book ‘What Would a Wise Woman Do’ – it’s the questions that you ask yourself that determine the path you take. It’s the questions that you ask that eventually make the difference if you are on the Path to Success or the Path to Failure.

I know it is easy to lose yourself during these days, weeks and month that you run your business and get caught between those phone calls, networking, blog writing, clients and providers not supplying on time. It’s hard to stay focused and connected to the purpose of why you started that business in the first place.

So here are seven questions to keep you on track:

WHY am I doing this?

Start with the WHY! In today’s economy the truly successful businesses are those that have a strong WHY, and it has nothing to do with money! Your business has to be driven by something that you care for, something that you want to leave as a legacy after you.

What is MY message to the world?

When your business is driven by something authentic, which is a representation of who you are, it becomes more than just the product or service that you give… it becomes a strong brand.

What am I here to GIVE?

The New Economy is all about giving. That’s why women can be so successful in in business today – it comes naturally for us! The focus of your business should be on what could you GIVE, not about what would you GET. The more value you will be able to create and GIVE the more advantage would you have. Focus on what you have to GIVE.

What EXPERIENCE do I want my audience to have?

The only way your product or service can be truly successful is when you are able to create a remarkable product. The best way to create one is to create an experience that your audience will never forget and will talk about to anyone and forever! Design your customer and prospects experience in a way that creates engagements and connection. Have a look at every aspect of your business from the eyes of the customer and build in the exact experience you wish them to have, and that will be associated with your business and brand.

What can I LEARN from this?

OK, I admit this one comes from the trainer part of me and is a result of years in the personal growth arena. However, I find it the most helpful question I can ask myself, especially on those ‘Murphy’s Law’-days. Have a look at what is the meaning of those set backs and see what can you learn from it. What do you need to develop? What do you need to stop doing? On what should you focus? This helps you in moving forward and beyond these days.

How do I DEAL with this?

In business it is natural you would have days when you encounter challenges and disappointments. The difference would be in HOW you deal with challenges. The more positive approach you take to them the better you’re be able to handle those challenges. And again: start learning from those challenges.

WHO could do this better?

I hate this question! Each time my partner Nisandeh asks me that question I want to scream ‘NO ONE!’ But I know the real truth. The way to grow your business is by becoming a bigger person and realizing you need to find the best people around that can help you with your business. You need to focus on what you do the BEST and delegate everything else to those people that do it better than you, because it is THEIR strength. When you come to understand what is your strong point in your business and you find partners, employees and teammates who can do the other areas in your business, your business will grow exponentially.


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Vered Neta

Trainer, coach and author of ‘Financial Independence for Women’. Helping to create personal, business and financial success. I am the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, and founder of Balanced Business Women. My long term goal is to support women on their path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise. Let’s connect on Facebook or follow me onTwitter.

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