In the Moment
in 7 Steps

In the Moment in 7 Steps

Living in the moment isn’t always easy. Sometimes your thoughts are overwhelmed by regrets about past events or anxiety about the future, which makes it hard to enjoy the present.

Life unfolds in the present. But our monkey minds are always busy with past or future. When we’re at work, we fantasize about being on vacation. On vacation, we worry about the work piling up on our desks. And living in the age of distraction, we’re always doing something, while being present is undoubtedly the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Cultivating mindfulness, the art of living in the present moment, will help you achieve your goals and enjoy life more while doing that. In fact, you’re more productive when you’re mindful.

If you are having a hard time living in the moment, there are some simple strategies that may help. Little things that you can do throughout your day, to hush the buzzing of your mind. Here, the path to mindfulness in seven steps:

Do one thing at a time

Single-task, don’t multi-task. When you’re pouring water, just pour water. When you’re eating, just eat. When you’re bathing, just bathe. Don’t try to knock off a few tasks while eating or bathing or driving. Zen proverb: ‘When walking, walk. When eating, eat.’

Do it slowly and deliberately

You can do one task at a time, but also rush that task. Instead, take your time, and move slowly. Make your actions deliberate, not rushed and random. It takes practice, but it helps you focus on the task.

Put space between things

Manage your schedule so that you always have time to complete each task. Don’t schedule things too close together. Instead, leave room between tasks on your schedule. That gives you a more relaxed schedule, and leaves space in case one task takes longer than you planned.

Spend at least 5 minutes each day doing nothing

Just sit in silence. Become aware of your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Notice the world around you. Become comfortable with the silence and stillness. It’ll do you a world of good and it just takes 5 minutes!

Live slowly

Don’t just do your tasks slowly and deliberately, live your whole life slowly. Savor your life! Slow down and take in each and every moment. Tune into the sights and sounds and awaken your senses to the world around you.

Breathe, you’re alive

For a moment I’d like you to stop reading and simply pay attention to your breath. I’ll wait…

As you focus your attention on your breath, you’ll notice that it is neither voluntary or involuntary. It is something that you do, and at the same time it ‘does you’. When you focus your attention on your breath, you come back into relationship with reality, because like breath, reality is both something you do and something that ‘does you’. It is co-creative. Practice conscious breathing to bring your mind back to the present moment.


Each day is full of endless possibilities! Start it with a smile. You are in control of your attitude every morning, keep it optimistic and expectant.


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