7 Ways to
Take Responsibility

7 Ways to Take Responsibility

Today is our son’s birthday. 11 Years ago, Jop made me a mother. The biggest change in my life… ever! That awareness of ‘You are a real adult now and you need to take responsibility for your actions.’

Kids don’t magically become ready for the world when they turn 18, so entering into motherhood shoves two decades’ worth of responsibilities into your life. And the ultimate goal of any parent is to raise an independent, responsible child.

Since I am a mother my own mother [82 years old and still going strong!] told me: ‘To raise children is to lead by example.’

And she is right! Children are just copy cats. They don’t learn to walk by you teaching them how to raise their feet, use their muscles and their weight to move forward, step by step. No, they see you walk, so they walk eventually. And how many times have you heard yourself say: ‘I hear/see myself when s/he is saying/doing that!’ I know I’ve said that in the past 11 years… a lot!

So to raise an independent and responsible child, you have to be an independent and responsible parent. Here a seven ways to take responsibility for yourself [and by doing so, for your children]:

Be accountable

You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. If your children are feisty, your partner unreasonable, your coworker unbearable, you are always responsible for how you respond. Your behavior is under your control.

Stop blaming

Stop playing the blame-game. The one where your job, your partner, your dog, your mother-in-law, your neighbor six doors down, the media, the government or the receptionist at your doctor’s office is somehow responsible for the problems you’re having. If you’re having an issue then there is a lesson to be learned. Dropping blame allows you to learn the lesson and move on.

Acknowledge your mistakes

Don’t make up any silly excuses. ‘I messed up’ is a responsible three-word sentence, and when followed with ‘How can I make it up to you?’ it makes people willing to forgive. Your integrity earns respect. And learn from the mistake you’ve made!

Stay positive

Move through your day with positive attitude. Have you ever noticed that people who don’t take responsibility for their own behavior are negative and cynical? They are perpetual victims. When you take responsibility, you switch your focus from what went wrong to what went right. A small shift in focus makes all the difference in the world.

See yourself clearly

Taking responsibility means acknowledging both your weaknesses and strengths. It means acknowledging all that is wonderful about you. Be kind to yourself. Don’t dismiss your achievements. Know your good, positive and lesser qualities. Have a complete picture of who you are.

Practice healthy self-focus

Thinking too much about your problems, worrying endlessly about the future, regretting the past, and feeling sorry for yourself can lead to indulgent self-pity. It’s exhausting.Take time to really know what makes you tick, in a gentle, reflective way is the beginning of self-love and personal responsibility.

Say ‘thank you’

An attitude of gratitude can change bitterness, selfishness, self‑pity or negativism and literally transform your life. Don’t be grumbly hateful, be humbly grateful. When someone acknowledges you, say ‘Thank you’. When someone is kind or gives you a gift, the only responsible response is a sincere ‘Thank you’.

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