Spread Happiness:
7 Strategies

Spread Happiness: 7 Strategies

I was a happy kid and I knew for sure I was going to conquer the world! Reality kicked in when my parents divorced. I was 12 and I’ve never seen my father since.

I was going through the days with a dark cloud above my head, feeling sorry for myself. All my enthusiasm and positivity disappeared. I got through high school in anger and protest. After that I got stuck in the rat race and was living life in a negative attitude.

Then I read somewhere ‘If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought again’. I got fascinated by that, turned my life around and started focussing on the positive.

I became more aware of the impact our thoughts have on us and the impact we have on each other through our interactions. I realized that every time we talk to someone, whether it is a family member, a friend, or the cashier at the store, we have a wonderful opportunity to raise their spirits and brighten up their day.

It has become my mission and my daily intent to spread happiness, starting with my own thoughts and actions.


‘Spread love wherever you go.
Let no one come to you without leaving happier.’

~Mother Teresa

Become aware of your positivity footprint. Here are seven simple strategies to help you raise your own positivity. Implement them in your daily routine and soon magic will be happening in your life!

Give sincere compliments

When talking to people, look for at least one thing that you can offer a sincere compliment about! Perhaps you like the person’s sweater, or you really appreciated something they did for you in the past. Let people know what you like about them!


Surprise the people you love with flowers, small presents, kind words, help, a hug, or with that genuine compliment.

Be a hero

Give your seat on the bus to the mom struggling with her young children. Or help the elderly woman who is having a hard time finding what she needs at the grocery store. Take a moment to assist the people around you who look like they need a little help. It’s good karma, and this kindness will come back around to you ten-fold.

Make an effort to have good thoughts

The thing with your thoughts is that they become words and then actions, so it’s important we observe them and choose them wisely. Your thoughts are like flower seeds. They can either spread happiness or sadness. The choice is yours!

Spread kind-hearted gossip

Although many of us love to talk about others when they aren’t around, this doesn’t mean that the conversation has to be negative! When talking about others, find some kind gossip to spread around. Mention something they did well, or an achievement they’ve accomplished. Spreading around kind gossip is a great way to get people to look at the positive in others! It’s also the only kind of gossip that no one minds hearing about when it gets back to them!

Listen with all your attention

It sounds so easy, yet really few master it. Give your full attention to the person you’re talking with. It can change your whole view of the person and vice versa. That makes two happy people!

Smile… a lot!

This is the best method ever to make your own day and spread happiness around to others. Don’t wait to be happy, just think of something good in your life, smile, and see what happens.

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