7 Easy
Healthy Habits

7 Easy Healthy Habits

T wentyfour. Everybody has them. Hours is a day… One way or another they just don’t seem enough to get everything done that you want to do.

Maybe you made some new year’s resolutions about your health and by now you’re getting freaked out trying to integrate some healthy habits into your busy schedule.

In the Success Principles we read ‘#35 Live healthy’. So here are seven easy things you can start doing right now to make healthy habits a relatively painless part of your routine! And it simply is true: if you make time for healthy habits, you’ll find yourself with that extra energy that will lower your stress and help you get through every day’s challenges.

So here they are!

Drink water throughout the day

You might have heard this a million times: drink lots of water! Water is an all-purpose wonder-substance. It’s great for your skin, your digestive system, and circulatory system. It aids in weight loss and cellulite reduction. If you feel fatigued during the day, it’s often because you aren’t hydrated properly. If you have a bottle of water nearby during the day, it’s easy to remember. If you don’t like the ‘taste’ of water, keep a supply of lemon so that you can add a slice. It adds a bit of vitamin C and makes it more festive!

Whenever possible, walk

When you walk you gain energy because of the movement of the joints and the ease that is required to do this simple, effective exercise. Increase the amount of time you can walk, versus sit or drive. So next time don’t look for the parking space next to the entrance of the store. Park a bit farther away! Or make a personal visit to a colleague rather than phoning or e-mailing.

Take a break from cooked food

Once a week eat only raw food and vegetable juices. Eat lightly and rest the body. Fasting, and forms of fasting rest the digestive system. Takes a burden off the liver and allows it to release any toxins that may be accumulated. Detoxification will take place as materials trapped or stored in fatty tissue are released when you eat whole foods. You will then have greater clarity of mind, and your daily life improves. Do not drink grapefruit juice while taking Valium. This will prevent your liver from properly processing this drug, causing more of it to stay in the body longer. This may increase the risk of side effects. Do not drink alcohol while taking Valium. This drug can affect your judgment, thinking, and motor skills. It can also cause you to feel sleepy and slow or stop breathing, you can read more about it at reneelertzman.

Take a few moments each hour to breathe

Close your eyes, relax your body and mind and breathe… Three to four deep breaths slowly and consciously into the abdomen. This little stress relieving break allows your body to relax, relaxes the mind from all unnecessary thoughts and allows the breath to bring in vital oxygen. By doing this simple process each hour of your day will be more productive and you will be able to stay focused and centered.

Get serious about sleep

Many of us are sleep-deprived. What you may not realize is the extent to which a lack of sleep can affect your overall health. Studies suggest that insufficient sleep can lead to cognitive and emotional challenges and poor performance on the job. Research has also found a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

Eat breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for good reason! Eating a healthy meal in the morning can jump-start your metabolism and help with weight management. Make a point of eating breakfast every single morning. And no, a cup of coffee doesn’t count!

Listen to your body

It’s important to consult experts and have a doctor you trust, but ultimately, nobody knows your body better than you. Learn to check in with yourself to identify what makes you feel great… and not so great. Don’t ignore the signs your body gives you! Check in with yourself first, and go to a doctor if you need help.

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