Daily Intentions

Daily Intentions January


‘One thing I’ve learned:
my intentions are clear in terms of quality’

Elizabeth Berkley


#1 Today

I am open to the presence of miracles
Miracles happen every day. Right here, in your own life. If your mind is preoccupied or if you are too busy or rushed, you may not notice them. Yet they are always there, like gifts waiting to be opened. Learn how to live each day connected to the peace of present moment. In this expanded state of awareness, you will be able to tune into the presence of miracles.


#2 Today

I make the world a better place
There is so much you can do by helping your community, your family, your friends, animals, the environment, and the planet! It’s in the simple things. Be nice and helpful to people, give a smile to everyone you see, no matter who they are or what they do and don’t say cruel things about others – ever. Try and do at least one good deed or one random act of kindness every day!


#3 Today

I find a way
You have a dream and you have obstacles in front of you, as we all do. None of us ever get through this life without heartache, without turmoil. If you believe, if you have faith, if you believe you can get knocked down and get back up again and if believe in perseverance as a great quality, you’ll always find your way.


#4 Today

I am willing to learn
Willingness to learn is an attitude. It is a true desire to improve yourself and to be effective. It inspires and helps progress. The willingness to learn new things is the key to succes. When you stop learning the brain becomes ignorant, resistant towards new ideas and change.


#5 Today

I give myself a break
It is easy to stress out over a lack of productivity or fail to turn of your ‘work’ brain. Today, take time to re-energize and keep your mind open. If you are open to it, you can find inspiration in the most surprising places.


#6 Today

I am a radiant being
Know who you really are. We all have a tendency to find an identity in our work, our body, our culture, our stories of the past and our dreams for the future. In reality these are only temporary external aspects. Who we really are is eternal and unfounded. Our true self is pure love and pure spirit. In essence we are inextricably connected to the universe. Therefore our journey isn’t about searching for anything outside of ourselves: it’s about discovering what is already within us.


#7 Today

I listen to and trust my intuition
If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Regardless of what anyone else may think or say. You have to trust yourself first and foremost. Trusting your intuition is the same as trusting yourself, listening to that tiny, inner voice [or conscience] that nudges you, urges you, or warns you about people, places and things. Trusting your intuition is the process of developing that quiet confidence.


#8 Today

my potential is unlimited
You are writing the story of your life and you can make it into anything you want. You are born with unlimited potential. When you say yes to life and work on your dreams, you tap into that unlimited potential. When you say no to life and are overwhelmed by inaction, you have zero potential. Use your full potential and work miracles in your life!


#9 Today

I love and honor myself
Many of us were taught that it is better to give than to receive. We easily give our time, energy, and attention to our family and friends, yet we may find it difficult to be on the receiving end of these things. In reality, giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy. Just as every exhalation depends upon an inhalation, the flow of love in our lives depends upon our ability to receive and to care for ourselves.


#10 Today

I am a perfect, divine creation
There is nothing that you have to do or achieve to be worthy of love. Your true self is pure love and you are precious exactly as you are. This awareness of who you really are connects you to your true self-esteem. Solid and unwavering. Your soul loves you unconditionally. It all begins with self-awareness. Cultivate self-awareness and self-love.


#11 Today

I forgive myself and I release myself
Forgiving yourself can be much harder than forgiving someone else. When you’re carrying around a sense of blame for something that has happened in the past, this bundle of negativity burrowing deep into yourself can cause a never-ending, pervasive sense of unhappiness. Forgiving yourself is an important act of moving forward and releasing yourself from the past.


#12 Today

I love and am loved unconditionally
Many people think of love as an emotion that comes and goes. Love is a state of being. It is an experience of unity with all creation. In every moment you can choose to be the presence of love and let that love guide all our words and actions. This choice will transform all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.


#13 Today

I live life from a place of power
Remind yourself daily that you are stronger than anything you are facing or going through. Refuse to operate at the level of the challenges that you’re facing. Project yourself in the future and see yourself victorious as a person who has achieved your goals. Keep your head up and your spirit strong!


#14 Today

Today I am love, I am eternal. I am spirit
Start accepting, caring for, and loving yourself. You are miraculous being. Knowing that allows you to open, expand and experience more than you can imagine. You are divine. Your soul is connected to the source of all that is.


#15 Today

I am responsible for the life I live
Taking full responsibility for what happens in our life is the initial stepping stone for personal development. You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. For everything you are happy with and everything you are not happy with. Everything that is around you right now is the direct effect of who you are and of who you were to that very moment. There is a very illustrative saying here: ‘To the person you give responsibility, you give power’. You have the power.


#16 Today

I breathe deeply
Breathing deeply calms the mind. Through your breath you access your core strength. Controlled breathing not only keeps the mind and body functioning at their best, it can also lower blood pressure, promote feelings of calm and relaxation and help you to de-stress. Don’t wait until ‘fight or flight’ kicks in before minding your breath!


#17 Today

I attract that which I am
The universal Law of Giving and Receiving teaches us that in order to attract or receive something in our lives, we need to give it freely and without expectation. If we want to experience more love, we need to be lavish in our own expression of love. To receive acceptance, we need to be open and accept others. The fastest way to receive is to give. Giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. We all receive according to how much we give. Give the best of you everywhere you go. Give a smile. Give thanks. Give kindness. Give love. Give for the sheer joy of it!


#18 Today

my loving truth shines for all to see
‘I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being’ ~Hafiz
There is a light within each of us that can’t be diminished of extinguished. It can only be obscured by forgetting who we are. Focus on the light within you. Light represent spiritual awareness in many traditions. As your awareness expands, what once seemed to be obstacles are now clearly opportunities. In the words of Carl Jung: ‘As far as we can… the soul purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.’


#19 Today

I choose gratitude and appreciation
When your attention is focused on the blessings in your life, you feel connected to everything in the Universe. You experience your wholeness and oneness with all creation. When your heart is filled with gratitude, you arrive fully in the present moment, letting go of our regrets about the past and our concerns about the future.


#20 Today

I release and my heart is at peace
So often there is a tendency to judge certain feelings as ‘negative’ of ‘wrong’. When you resist feeling these emotions this only increases your pain. Every emotion has a valuable message for you, and as you allow yourself to feel and hold each emotion, your relationship with yourself and with everyone in your life will become more authentic and whole. Develop what is known as ‘witnessing awareness’, the ability to calmly and objectively observe a situation, acknowledge when you are being triggered and consciously choose how you want to respond.


#21 Today

I am inspired, I am unstoppable
When you ‘over-think’ your decisions, you choose the guidance of the mind over the messages of the heart. In these moments, your path becomes filled with obstacles that hinder you at nearly every turn. When you follow your heart, you make life choices that seemingly open doors for us without force. You are aligned with your inner knowing. Your path is revealed with ease.


#22 Today

I trust in the process of life
To have faith, is to have that deep sense of trust in what cannot be seen. Proof or evidence is not needed. It is that inner sense of knowing that guides you. To trust the process, completely, is to not need to know what is unfolding or why, but to simply be here in the present to experience it.Trust your life to unfold perfectly. All you need is always taken care of. You are safe.


#23 Today

I am loving and kind to myself
Being kind to yourself in everyday life is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Life will become lighter and your relationships will most likely improve. You will feel happier overall. And your self-esteem and your sense of deserving good things in life will go up.


#24 Today

the sky is not the limit
‘Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve; ~Mary Kay Ash


#25 Today

I am fully present
Today give the gift of your full presence. Whatever you do, really be there. When you look, see things as if for the first time. When you listen, hear with fresh ears. When you walk, feel your connection to the earth in each step. Allow your presence to pre-sense the possibilities presenting to you.


#26 Today

wellness is my natural state
Wellness is where our minds and bodies always wish and strive to return to. The human body incessantly works to create balance… to compensate for anything that puts it out of whack and to keep everything running smoothly to maintain health. Your mind and your body want balance. Give yourself the sleep, movement, nutrition, time out, love and play that you need. We are meant to live in a state of balance… that is where we thrive


#27 Today

I cherish the beauty in myself and others
Celebrate the magnificence of your radiant, joyful spirit. If you could see your body as a physicist can see it, you would observe atoms or particles moving at lightning speed around vast, empty spaces. These particles aren’t material objects at all. They are energy and information in a huge empty space. And what is this space? It is the field of all possibilities. It is the field of pure potentiality within you. It is your inner space that creates love, grace, abundance, joy, creativity, and freedom.


#28 Today

abundance flows easily and freely to me
We can do less and accomplish more. That is an idea that seems at odds with what many of us have been taught throughout our lives. We’ve been told that success is the result of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice. Today tap into the present flow of natural ease that is available within. As you cultivate present moment awareness and remain open to the opportunities life offers, you open up to the power within you to realize all your dreams with effortless ease.


#29 Today

I move out of my comfort zone
It’s easy to sit back and only take in the things that are comfortable to you, but to get to where you really want to be requires a little discomfort. Moving out of your comfort zone may even change you, give you a sense of clarity or a feeling of enlightenment. Keeping things safe and comfortable is a sure recipe for no growth, fewer rewards, and stagnation. Don’t let yourself stagnate, push yourself out of your comfort zone!


#30 Today

I create positive dreams about my future
Your dream can be a reality! When we were young we were dreamers. Nothing seemed too big for us to accomplish. Nothing seemed too outrageous. Then reality kicked in: ‘You can’t do that.’ ‘Nobody has ever done that before.’ ‘It will never work.’ All dreamers who eventually become accomplishers have heard these things and overcame them. They let the average people live their average lives, bound by fear, while they pursue their chosen future – their dream! So don’t believe the people who tell you that you can’t or won’t. Create a positive dream about your future an believe that it can be your future!


#31 Today

I experience life in a new way
The way you look at life determines your experience. Such a simple insight presents each of us with an opportunity to make momentous changes in our lives. Not stay into ‘what is’ but inquiring into what we really want. Make choices that make you happier, more loving, more peaceful and more secure. Can you move away from the contemporary cauldron of pessimism to find a more useful and inspiring point of view? Take charge of our own evolution by changing your world view now.


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