Daily Intentions

Daily Intentions June


‘Put some action on your good intentions!

Lorii Meyers


#152 Today

I submerge myself in zen
Find your zen. One of the best ways to achieve mindfulness and ground yourself is by focusing on your five senses. Start with three mindful breaths, breathing in deeply and bringing your attention full and completely to the sensation of the breathe. Then work your way through each of your five senses, trying to get past the immediate surface information and deeper into your experience: What do you see What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel? Keep your attention for a full minute with each sense. Once you’ve run through each of your five senses, take one more cleansing breath. Chances are by this time you will feel re-connected to the present moment with a greater clarity of focus and a renewed sense of your own presence.


#153 Today

I drop all sarcasm
Sarcasm is often used as a form of humor but sometimes it is just thinly veiled defensiveness as well. Although sarcasm can be funny at times, it can also prevent open and frank conversation from progressing. When someone doesn’t ‘get’ your sarcasm, it can result in hurt feelings and negativity. Notice when you are using sarcasm, and also take note of why you are being sarcastic. Is it to be funny? Is it defensive or are you wearing sarcasm like a shield? Is it positive and inspiring, or is it cynical? Once you have noticed your sarcasm, make an attempt to drop it – at least some of it – in your communication. Find peace and serenity in speaking plainly and speaking the truth, and being sincere.


#154 Today

I cultivate a dream
The benefit of cultivating a dream is that it channels your energy in the now. The thoughts, actions, and beliefs you hold inside you can and will influence the direction your life takes. So by actively sculpting an image in your head of where you’d like to be – your dream – you will change your present being in such a way that you are more likely to walk a path towards it.
Whatever your dream is, be specific and create a visual image in your head of what reaching that dream would look like. And don’t forget… Dream big!


#155 Today

I find a moment in solitude
Today, carve out some solitude for yourself. Maybe you can find an hour to be alone, maybe you can only find five minutes. In solitude, you can reflect. You can mentally ‘check in’ with yourself – listening to your breath, registering your heart beat, noticing whether you feel anxious or just completely quiet.


#156 Today

I think outside the box
Spend some time today thinking of things in a different light. See things through someone else’s eyes. Remove judgement and labels from your thinking. In fact, try not to think at all!


#157 Today

I find some time to be quiet
It’s rare that we actually get quiet time, true quiet time. In silence, you have a lot more time to be mindful. You can check in with your thoughts. You can pay attention to the physical and emotional sensations in your body. Today, find some time to be quiet. Perhaps leave the stereo off while you drive somewhere. Shut off the television while you prepare dinner or turn off your iPhone when you crawl into bed.


#158 Today

I release the past
Constantly berating yourself for past ‘wrongs’ doesn’t bring you peace. Rather, acknowledge the past and recognize that it has made you the person you are today. Embrace that the past is behind you and unchanging. What you can control is today, the present. Live today! Perhaps as an exercise today, set aside only five minutes in which you will consciously choose to focus your mind’s energy on the present moment. Each time you find your mind wandering to the past [or the future for that matter] gently remind yourself of your intention to live in the now, and pull your mind back.


#159 Today

I slow down
Slow down. Be mindful. Do all the things you usually do, but do each thing with purpose, with intention and mindfully. Pay attention to your senses and check in with yourself as you go about your day. Listen to all the sounds and take note of the sights, smells and tastes in the air. Relish these moments. Take mental snapshots. Do everything deliberately and mindfully. Slowly, celebrate this Sunday, the favorite day of the week.


#160 Today

I spread some zen
Can you remember an experience that involved finding some peace in your life? How did you find your personal zen? How do you strive each day to find inner peace and calm – what helps you on your journey? Tell someone about that today! Finding zen is an ongoing process and it is important that we help each other to find our own version of serenity – especially at this hectic, often chaotic times.


#161 Today

I appreciate the small victories
Some victories might be small, some might be large. It is the sum of the little ones that make up our lives. Made it through all the green lights on your way to work? That’s a victory. Found a quarter on the ground? That’s a victory. With a simple attitude shift, appreciating all these small victories can turn a grey day into a brighter one!


#162 Today

I intentionally breathe
Most of us don’t have to think about breathing, we just do it. But today’s daily intention is about slowing down and thinking about your breath. To breathe with intention. To inhale, then exhale, then repeat again and again, but mindfully. Breathing mindfully will bring you into the moment and help slow a racing mind.


#163 Today

I admit one thing that holds me back
Admitting something to yourself is often the first step. Before you can make changes, whatever it is that needs to be changed has to be acknowledged and accepted as reality. Today is not about changing, it is about discovering and admitting to yourself that small nugget of truth. Today, consider for yourself just one thing – only one – that may be an obstacle between you and your goals. Do you have actions or behaviors that make things worse or hold you back? Just admitting to yourself what is holding you back can lead to a breakthrough.


#164 Today

I make one small change
If you admitted to yourself one thing that’s possibly holding you back or hindering you from achieving your goals, you now can make one small change that will move you further along your path. Every journey begins with one small step, and today’s intention is that your step will be a tiny change at some point in your day.


#165 Today

I pay it forward
Think about a person – just one – that has helped to bring you to where you are today, in a positive way. Someone who paid you an act of kindness. Someone whose words or presence brings you peace. Visualize them and their actions, it brings you warmth and happiness. Hang onto that positive feeling and pay it forward. Spread that positive feeling to one other person today. Maybe you can do something unexpectedly kind for a stranger. Or maybe you can share a mindfulness exercise with someone you know who is struggling with stress and feeling overwhelmed. You could pick up the phone or send an email, reaching out to someone who needs a little sunshine.


#166 Today

I focus on feeling great
Feeling great, happy, and optimistic are very important qualities, to possess in your life. Some people are mainly happy and optimistic while others are not. Being happy and feeling great is an inside job. Your thoughts have the ability to bring about that state of feeling great. So look on the bright side, write down what you are thankful for, make new friends and stop complaining to ramp up your happiness today!


#167 Today

I accept a compliment
On the surface there isn’t any hard work that’s required in accepting a compliment. All you have to do is sit and receive it! However, sometimes receiving is the more difficult end of a compliment to be on. How many times have you dismissed or diminished a compliment being given to you with responses like ‘O, it’s nothing’, ‘What? This old thing?’, or ‘ Well, it’s only thanks to [insert a name] that I could’. And even if you don’t say these things aloud, if you speak them in your heart, you are not fully accepting the compliment. Listen to a compliment – absorb it – accept it – receive it into your heart. Respond with a simple ‘Thank you’. Sit with it, and allow yourself to feel at peace.


#168 Today

I give a compliment
What is it that sometimes stands between us and giving out compliments? Giving a compliment is not hard to do. Is it insecurity or fear? Shyness? Our own self-absorption or busy lives? Whatever it is that gets in the way, cast that aside today and find an opportunity – just one – to build someone up. Voicing your gratitude to others, saying aloud how much something they have done has meant to you, or even something simple like pausing to thank someone with sincerity has true meaning. Embrace that and take note of what feelings arise within you after consciously choosing to boost someone’s day with your words.


#169 Today

I choose an intentional word
Pick a single word of intention. It could be serenity, peace, breathe, remember, pray, or any other word that brings focus to your movements throughout the day.


#170 Today

I give mental energy to someone
Keep someone in your thoughts today. Send him or her good vibes. Whatever you call it – mental energy, thoughts, vibes, energy, meditation or prayer – keep someone else in your thoughts and return to them in your mind throughout the day. By putting the needs of someone else as a priority in your day, you give of yourself and also invite others to pray for you. That is karma.


#171 Today

I find peace in waiting
Waiting is a part of life. It is unavoidable. From queues at the supermarket cash register to awaiting test results to nine months of pregnancy, waiting is all around us and a fact of life. So how will you approach your waiting? Will you allow your impatience to get the best of you or will you accept it and find serenity and peace in the inevitable?


#172 Today

I believe in magic
Start by reflecting on a concern or problem in your life – just one. Allow this situation to enter your head. Make sure your negative emotional response does not overwhelm you. Don’t make any efforts to brainstorm any solutions. Now, permit yourself to envision a future without that concern. Make it visible and tangible in your head. Allow yourself to believe that your future will be different, that your problem will be solved. Allow yourself to believe the impossible so yes, believe in magic.


#173 Today

I fill my tank
Your ‘tank’ in this case is your spirit, energy, or essence. And by doing something that will allow positive emotions and energy to fill your body, you fill your tank. What fills your tank? Busy parties, adventurous excursions, afternoons spent window shopping at the mall? Or maybe swimming, lazy walks along the river, tea and crossword puzzles? Pick something that fuels you, and do it!


#174 Today

I do something spontaneous
Mindfulness is not about mulling over the past or anticipating the future. It focuses on experiencing this present moment as fully as you can. In that spirit welcome spontaneity into your life. Do one thing that is spontaneous, unplanned and unanticipated. And while you experience this, try to fully enjoy and celebrate the experience. Breathe in the sights, smells, tastes and textures of the moment you have created.


#175 Today

I am honest with myself
Sometimes the easiest person to lie to is yourself. Whether you are aware of it or not, you often kid yourself. You deny the truths in your heart, or downplay the importance or significance of certain things in your life. Perhaps you do not admit when something is a problem. Be conscious of whether you are being honest in your heart. Do your words and actions match what is in your heart? Are you being your most authentic self?


#176 Today

I try a different path
Have you ever noticed yourself going about the same routines and rituals, day after day, without much thought? The things we do on a daily basis often become so habitual and engrained that it takes no effort to just carry on. Deliberately choose a different path today. Mix up the order of your daily routine. Use a different route than you normally take. You will be more focused on what you are doing in that moment.


#177 Today

I don’t go with the flow
A racing mind is a dangerous thing. The adage ‘go with the flow’, in this case is not the way to go. When you get caught up in your thoughts you become exhausted. It is not always productive to allow your racing mind, like a raging river, to carry you away. Don’t to go with the flow of your thoughts. Instead, watch the flow of your thoughts go by. Observe them and then release them. You are not a victim of your mind.


#178 Today

I appreciate the past
Your past has brought you to where you are today. It has formed the person that you are. You past experiences – the people you encountered, those experiences, the paths you followed – they are significant. They weave the tale of your life. Appreciate your past. Release the past, but do not bury it.


#179 Today

I do something fun
The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Be aware. Adjust as necessary! Do something fun! Just go out there and do it. Don’t bother thinking or analyzing or trying to be rational and logical. If you say you have no time for fun, it’s important to make time. For when did we all become so serious, so rigid, that we blocked fun out of our days?


#180 Today

I visualize zen
A picture is worth a thousand words. Find an image to focus your energy on for a period of time – perhaps a minute, perhaps ten minutes – and meditate. Select an image that brings about positive thoughts and feelings within you.


#181 Today

I ground myself
If you find yourself feeling scattered, chaotic, or overwhelmed, try this grounding exercise. First stop, take a deep breath. Now tell yourself five things you see. Then recognize five things you hear. After sight and sound, what five things can you feel, what five things can you smell and taste? Maybe you can’t identify five things you taste, but at this point, that doesn’t really matter. Your breathing will have slowed, your spiral of thoughts and feelings isn’t consuming you anymore, and you will be grounded. Now you can move forward!


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