Daily Intentions

Daily Intentions November


‘Wake up with positive intentions.
To better yourself and the lives around you’



#305 Today

I am who I am
You are enough. There’s no need to waste your energy, in trying to be someone else. No one is better than you. And what you do best, is being you. Wishing or pretending you’re something that you’re not, robs precious time and energy from being the best you can be. There’s plenty of cause for joy, in the person that you are. To be your best, be yourself.


#306 Today

I shine brighter
Today will come and go, no matter what you do. As long as you’re going to go through the day, make it count. Live this day for all it’s worth. Reach a little higher, do a little more, be a little better, shine a little brighter. You have what it takes to make a difference, in your world today.


#307 Today

I know
Know that what you’re doing is right, and nothing can stop you. Believe in the value of your effort, and you have the courage to do whatever it takes to get the job done.


#308 Today

I keep going
Keep going. Every step you take against the struggle, brings you to life. Never stop. The burdens you bear each day, build in you a depth of strength and character against which nothing can prevail. Meet every challenge with the energy and enthusiasm of a soul who is grateful for the experience of being fully alive.


#309 Today

is a great day for me
The past is behind you and it cannot hold you back. The day that’s ahead is yours to fill with meaning and purpose. Think of all the possibilities! You have a whole day’s worth of living to do. You’re full of energy and ready to go. Jump right in and be alive.


#310 Today

I imagine
Your mind is very powerful and effective. Is it working for you, or against you? There is no limit to what you can imagine. And with commitment, with effort, what you can imagine you can become. Put your mind to work for you. Believe that you can do it. The world will tell you that you can’t. Yet, in your belief you’ll find the strength, you’ll find the ability, to do it anyway.


#311 Today

I control my reactions
You control your reactions. You’re in complete control of the way you interact with the world around you. Any particular circumstance can be good news or bad news, depending on what you make of it. Everything that holds you back, has the potential to move you ahead. Your life is overflowing with possibilities, if only you will decide to live them.


#312 Today

I am diligent in the little things
Success and achievement require strength. That strength comes, not in an instant jackpot, but from a moment to moment cultivation of the will. You must first lift smaller weights if you’re to build big muscles. Likewise, strength of character comes from first winning the smaller battles, the ones which challenge you every moment. Be diligent in the little things, because they work together to make the big things.


#313 Today

I make the most of each moment
Every moment is an opportunity that will never come again. The things you do right now, can make a difference forever. Now is your opportunity to do what needs to be done. Now is your opportunity to become the person you want to be. Now is your opportunity to make a difference. Make the most of each moment!


#314 Today

I feel great right now
How do you feel right now? The way you feel, depends on what you’re paying attention to. The quality of each moment is determined by your focus. To be miserable, focus on your problems. To be positively motivated, focus on your possibilities. The things you experience, and the things you think about, are your reality. To change your reality, simply change what you experience, and what you think about.


#315 Today

I take it up a notch
It takes just as much effort to live poorly as it does to live well. It takes just as much effort to be mediocre as it does to be magnificent. As long as you’re going to put in the time, you might as well make it count. Take it up a notch. Aim a little higher today, and higher yet tomorrow. Think big. Make it count, and make a difference.


#316 Today

I choose my life
You can choose the life you want. Not in one single momentous choice, but in the little choices you make every day. Each day you choose when to wake up, what to eat, how much work you do, how much money you spend or save, how you talk to your children, how willing you are to learn. These are the choices that determine your life, and you make them every day.


#317 Today

I watch myself think
The average person has about 60,000 thoughts in the course of a normal day. That’s about one thought every waking second. And for most people, about 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts they had yesterday. Of those 60,000 thoughts you’re having today, how many will be negative, self-limiting thoughts, and how many will be positive, challenging, uplifting thoughts? Maybe you should keep an eye on your thoughts…


#318 Today

my future begins now
Today is a turning point in your life. The things you accomplish, the people you meet, the direction you set today, will have consequences far into the future. Each day affects all the ones that come after it. In your actions, in your thoughts, in your decisions, proceed as if today is the most critical day of your life. Because it is.


#319 Today

my mindset controls my reality
You can do whatever you set your mind on doing. Your mindset controls your reality. You make your own circumstances, based on what you expect them to be, on what you expect yourself to be. Expect the best of yourself, and you’ll get it.


#320 Today

I live at my highest level
Life is a matter of choice. You can choose the level at which you live. The person you are on the inside, is far more crucial to the quality of your life than all the outside factors combined. This day is yours to create. So give it the very best you have!


#321 Today

I keep my vision strong
You are truly blessed with a magnificent, powerful, unique life. There are so many places you can go, so many wonderful things you can do. In all of history, there has never been anyone who can equal you. Keep your vision strong. Set your own limits. Set your own standards, and set them high. This is your life we’re talking about. It’s worth every effort you can give to it.


#322 Today

I believe it
If you believe something about yourself, it may not be true when you start to believe it, yet in time you will surely make it true. You will become whatever you continue to believe. That’s good news or bad news, depending on the image you have of yourself in your own mind. Who do you believe you are? You can be precisely the person you decide to be. It is entirely up to you.


#323 Today

I choose action over doubt
Every action you take, is a triumph of your courage over your doubts. Go ahead and make the effort. Go ahead and see it through. Sure you have doubts. Everyone does. They must not be allowed to stop you.


#324 Today

I stop and think
The actions you take can have effects that continue for a long, long time. Be aware that your actions today have consequences for tomorrow and beyond. Armed with that thought, you can choose to take the relatively small steps today which will likely create big results in the future. You can also choose to avoid the minor indulgences today which could lead to major problems down the road. Stop and think. How do your thoughts and actions right now affect the future?


#325 Today

I stop trying
‘Do or do not, there is no try’ ~Yoda
Trying can be very trying. It’s often the case that the harder you try, the less you get accomplished. Stop trying and start doing. Trying will give you excuses. Doing will get you results. There’s a big difference, and it’s mostly in your attitude. Forget about trying.


#326 Today

my future me sees me
The person you are to become, is always watching the person you are right now. The image you have of yourself tomorrow, depends on the actions you watch yourself take today. The confidence with which you live next month, will be based on the integrity of your actions this week. The person you are to become is always watching. Will you be proud tomorrow of what you did today? The you of tomorrow is watching, waiting, hoping and depending upon the you of today.


#327 Today

my life is a privilege
When you’re tempted to give in to anger, resentment, self-pity, envy, or other feelings of negativity, remember this: life is a privilege, not a punishment. Think about that. Look at your attitude, consider your actions, from the perspective that life is indeed a privilege. You’re not a victim. You’re a miracle. You have precious life, and it is magnificent. Keep that in mind, and live it accordingly.


#328 Today

I am better prepared than ever before
You’re more experienced right now than you’ve ever been. You’re better prepared than ever before to seize the opportunities which come your way, and to turn your brilliant possibilities into reality. This very moment, there’s new and improved you, designed and built for achievement, ready to go. Anything is possible, and your destiny is calling!


#329 Today

my blessings compel me
Stop for a moment and consider all the good things which you too often take for granted. Think of the good things you have going for you. Get them to grow. When you truly appreciate your blessings, they become powerfully compelling. And they grow, filling your life with quality and excellence, and compelling you to reach even higher.


#330 Today

I choose unconditional happiness
Happiness is not the result of favorable conditions. That’s backwards. Favorable conditions result from happiness. Happiness comes from the way you respond to life. Everyone has challenges. Everyone has disappointments. Yet they do not have to get you down. Happiness is not a reaction, it is a choice. Let it be yours.


#331 Today

I am responsible for me
You are responsible for you. Trying to pretend it isn’t so, only makes it worse. Though you cannot avoid responsibility, you do have a choice. You can ignore responsibility. The consequences will be undesirable. Or, you can choose to accept responsibility for your life and mold your life as you would like it to be. Act like the responsibility is yours, because it is!


#332 Today

repetition is essential
The more you repeat your thoughts and actions, the stronger and more effective they become. Every athlete knows that repetition in physical training is essential. The winners are those who apply consistent effort, over and over again. Success is built step by step, brick by brick, one layer on top of another. Make the effort and make it again and again.


#333 Today

I have a lot going for me
You’ve got a lot going for you. You have the potential for change. You have the potential for greatness. You have the ability to learn, and the skill to meet challenges.
You’re alive and living in an incredible world that is abundant with possibilities. So what are you waiting for?


#334 Today

I move ahead
There are so many wonderful things to be done, and so many problems and distractions holding us back. Make the choice to move ahead. No matter what your present circumstances may be, you have greatness in you. Make the choice each moment, each day, to nurture your possibilities into being.


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