Little Moments

Little Moments August


‘It’s so important to engage your kids to create rituals
and moments that they will always remember.’

Josie Bisset



Become an adventurer
Become a kid again. Once every few months, plan to enjoy a new, thrilling activity such as rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, rock climbing, martial arts, sailing, deep sea fishing or camping. This will keep your life in perspective, bring you closer to those you share the activity with and keep you feeling invigorated and young.



Mens sana in corpore sano
This means ‘In a sound body rests a sound mind’. Never neglect the body which is intimately connected to the mind. This is your temple. Feed it the finest fuels, exercise daily and care for it as you would your prized possession – because it is.



Let nothing interfere with your peace of mind
Be so strong that nothing interferes with your peace of mind. Stay centered and focused – it gets easier with practice. You truly cannot afford the luxury of even one negative thought.



Be careful about your reputation
If it is good it will take you to the highest of heights. But once tarnished, it will be difficult to retrieve. Always reflect on your course of action. Never do anything you wouldn’t be proud to tell your mother about. Have fun always but temper it with common sense and prudence.



Never complain
Be known as a positive, strong, energetic and enthusiastic person. Someone who complains, is cynical and always looks for the negative in everything, will scare people away and rarely will succeed at anything. Focus on the positive. Be so mentally tough that nothing takes you off your planned course to success. Visualize and firmly believe in what you want. It will most certainly come true.



Be kind, considerate and courteous
But also know when to be tough and courageous. Enhance relationships by being a good listener, show others sincere appreciation and refine your interpersonal skills. But never be taken advantage of and be aware of the politics around you. Stay above petty gossiping and office politics but appreciate that they indeed exist and know what goes on behind your back.



Organize your time
Proper organization allows you to accomplish those goals which are truly important to you, as well as enjoy leisure time. Good time management offers more time for fun and relaxation – not less.



Burn your worries
An excellent visualization technique: if you are worrying about something, picture the words of your worry on a piece of paper. Now ignite a match to the paper and watch the worry dissipate into flames.



Make your mind your servant
The human mind is a strange creature. Things we want to forget keep coming back and the things we want to remember are not there when we want them. But the mind is similar to a muscle and the more you flex it the stronger it will become. Make it your servant. Feed it only the best nutrition and information.



Relax the body to relax the mind
Keep the body relaxed so that the mind can follow. Yoga or just basic stretching for 15 minutes a day are excellent ways to release tension that builds up as a result of life in this highly complex and fast moving world. Try having a massage or power lounging in a Jacuzzi. Relax the body and you relax the mind.



Seek out the wise and learn from them
A Chinese proverb states as follows:’A’ single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.’ Seek out the wise and learn from them. They are just waiting for that small spark of interest to tell you all that you need to know.



Take chances
When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take – choose the bolder. There is no substitute for courage and though the chance of stubbing your toe increases the more you walk, it is always better than going nowhere by standing still. Take chances, take smart risks and you will meet with success beyond your dreams.



Sow an action, reap a habit
And when you sow a habit, you reap a character. And your character determines your destiny. The essence of a person is his character. Make yours unique, unblemished and strong. Do not say you will do anything unless you will indeed do it. Speak the truth and measure your words wisely.



Stress is not a bad thing
It allows you to perform at peak levels. What is harmful is too much stress, or a lack of relief from stress. Times of stress must be balanced nicely with times of pure relaxation and leisure for you to be healthy and at your best.



Conquer the mind, conquer the world
~Indian Proverb



Play hard and play fair
In work, love and life…



Knowledge is power
Successful people are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their thirst for knowledge. The more you know, the more you achieve. Read the biographies of the world’s leaders and learn from their habits, inspirations and philosophies.



Get away from the noise
Every day, get away from the noise, the crowds and the rush and spend a few hours alone in peaceful introspection, deep reading or simple relaxation.



Put things in perspective
Break the worry habit by putting things in perspective and laughing over small setbacks. Repeat to yourself that ‘this will soon pass’.



Look for it
When you look for something you will find it. If you expect success, you will have it. Attract success. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind throughout the day. Visualize yourself achieving them. Picture the house you will be living in, the car you will be driving, the people you meet, what it will feel like and the pleasure of reaching your goals in life. Repeat over and over until you have complete certainty that you will get what you want and eventually you will.



Develop a sense of wonder
Develop a sense of wonder about the world. Find pleasure in the things that others take for granted. Stop and actually listen to that wonderful street musician. Plan to get away from the city next week and visit nature for a few days. Take a mini-retreat and care for your mind, body and spirit. It will profoundly improve the quality of your life.



Get away from your routine
Go outdoors and look up into the blue sky for half an hour. Get away from your rigid schedule today and spend the afternoon in a beautiful setting. Walk in the woods. Sit by a cool stream.Getting away from your routine will make you feel wonderful when you eventually return.



Leave your watch at home
We often become bound to the clock and soon it governs every action. Go through the day doing precisely what you want to do and how long you wish to do it. Spend time with that special person without having to run off to your next appointment. Savor the moments and focus on what is truly important. Lose the clock and find some quality time.



Spend time in self-examination
Get deep into the habit of personal introspection, one of the most important strategies for personal effectiveness. Think about the good things and the bad things you did during the day. Daily reflection will soon eradicate your negative qualities [ranging from procrastination to gossiping to insulting others] and will sharpen the mind.



Do something you don’t like
Each day, do something that you do not like doing. This may be the preparation of a report you have been putting off or shining your shoes. It does not matter how small the task, just do it! Soon these chores will not seem so bad, your personal power will increase and your productivity will soar. Try it because this is an age-old technique for building strength of character.



Have a cool head, a warm heart and great character
Be known as someone with a cool head, warm heart and great character. Your presence on this earth will long be remembered.



Do something to leave a legacy
Doing something for others is the highest form of religion. Every week, out of the 168 hours available, spend a few in service to others. Many say that such selfless service soon becomes a key focus within their lives. Give your time at a seniors home or to needy children. Teach someone how to read or offer to give a public lecture on the subject of your expertise. Simply take action and do something to leave a legacy.



If you have not laughed today, you have not lived today. Laugh hard and loud. As William James said: ‘We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.’



The mind is like a garden…
As you sow, so shall you reap. When you cultivate your mind and nurture it, it will blossom beyond your wildest expectation. But if you let the weeds take over, you will never reach your potential. What you put in is what you get out.



Slow down your pace of life
In this complex age, we are running our lives at a frantic pace. Focus on what is truly important and start undertaking activities that will slow you down. Sit in the grass and watch the blue sky for half an hour… Find the natural, calm within you again. Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and every other activity will become more efficient and enjoyable.



Greet the day
Get up early, and greet a wonderful new day. Create a morning ritual that includes saying thanks for your blessings.


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