Little Moments

Little Moments September


‘I had one of those defining moments in the fourth grade…’

Lisa McMann



All important truths are simple
To name a few: you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your lifestyle choices, past mistakes, living arrangements, religious beliefs, career decisions, or priorities. You don’t have to know what’s going to happen next. You don’t have to have your life figured out. It’s okay to be sad, or angry, or scared, or whatever you’re feeling. Not all of the things you think about yourself are true. Everything is temporary. You are okay. You are enough!



Commit to a mighty purpose
Clarity of purpose and direction provides foundation. From it, you can build the life and career that you want and deserve. The more clear, and the more mighty your purpose and direction, the stronger your foundation. Why are you on this earth? What are you meant to do?



Start over again every morning
Every single day we start from scratch. Whatever you think you accomplished yesterday, whatever you did or tried to do, whatever happened in the past, it is stuck in yesterday. It is irretrievable. How many times have you said to yourself, especially after a trying day, ‘Tomorrow is a new day! The sun is going to set, and then it is going to come up. This too shall pass and tomorrow, I get to start again!’? Begin again and take the to chance to reinvent yourself. Sometimes, we just simply need a new morning and a chance to start over…



This life is yours to live
This day is yours to experience. This moment is one that’s filled with possibilities. You have the power to take any ordinary moment and put joy into it. This is your moment to live, so realize that nothing is really holding you back, and make this the best day ever.



Move in the direction you choose
If you have been knocked off your feet, today is the day to get back up and get going again. If you have made choices that led to disappointing results, today is the day you can change your direction. You’ve learned what works and what does not, experienced pain, joy, sadness and fulfillment. Today you know, better than ever before, just which way to go.



Let go of limitations
The things you tell yourself over and over again will surely become your reality. You’re only as good as you think you are, yet you can think whatever you wish. Raise your opinion of yourself, and watch your life follow!



Leave doubt behind
Doubt is nothing but a thought you choose to have. Just as easily as you choose to have doubt, you can choose to let it go. Doubt has no power other than the power you give it. Choose to walk away from doubt.



Bring your own special self
To this special day, to this special moment, you bring your own special self. In all the world, there is not another you. Today is your opportunity to make the most of life, to reach for the stars, to perform at your highest ability.



At this moment, be at peace
Let yourself know the beauty of being completely at peace in this very moment. Calm your thoughts, quiet your mind, and breathe in the serenity that is now. All is well and all is as it should be. Relax, and know the peaceful stillness as it fills you to the core.



You have what it takes
You have what it takes to live life at its best. You have what it takes to achieve excellence. Your current situation, whatever it may be, is a perfectly workable starting point. You have what it takes to move positively forward in the direction of your own choosing.



Express your appreciation
Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.



Look for challenge
Have you ever heard yourself say ‘I really want to do that, but it’s just too much trouble.’ Well, which is it? Do you really want to do it, or don’t you. If you really want it, it doesn’t matter that it will take a lot of effort to achieve. Life is made of effort. Any worthwhile achievement is a matter of meeting one challenge after another. Seek out challenges, they are the stuff that life is made of.



Live true
Though the universe is delightfully complex, life, at its heart, is not particularly complicated. Live true to who you are and though it won’t always be easy, you’ll live well.



Welcome the frustration
Frustration is the feeling of knowing it can be better. The greater the frustration, the more positive and exciting the possibilities are. When you feel the frustration, remind yourself what a truly great blessing it can be. Go ahead, feel the frustration, and let it give you a powerful positive push!



In this moment
In some way or another, you can move forward in this very moment. In this moment is your life ready to be lived, and all your possibilities ready to be fulfilled.



What if your difficulty is a blessing?
What if your difficulty is not as difficult as you imagine? What if it is in fact a blessing? Imagine that there is life on the other side of your problem, and that it is more beautiful than it is now. Imagine that you are stronger, more capable and courageous. Imagine what that confidence feels like, and suddenly you have it. Imagine the very best and get busy living it!



Failure is essential
Failure, as difficult and painful as it may be, is essential. Success doesn’t come from the avoidance of failure. Most of the times, success is only achieved when there has been enough failure. Failure is a magnificent teacher. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you!



Choose the direct path
The shortest distance between two points, is a simple direct line. Live life directly! You can waste a lot of time and energy on resentment, anger, avoidance and procrastination. Or you can simply get it done. Seek to be more direct in your words, your actions, your plans and your thoughts. Focus your energy on the sure and direct path!



Choose your state of mind
You cannot choose all your circumstances. Yet, you can choose your state of mind, despite your circumstances. You cannot control everything that will happen to you, yet you can completely control the person you will be today. You always have to power to fill your life with positive meaning in every moment, in every situation.



What do you think?
When it is all quiet, when the day is over, when your mind is free, what you think about? Do you dwell on limitation, anger, worry or envy? Or do you fill your mind with thoughts of love, health, abundance and wealth? With possibilities, confidence and generosity? Wherever your mind lives, that is where your life is heading. Your thoughts have the power to shape and define the reality of your life. So what thoughts are you shaping right now?


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