Seven2success is [on its way to become] the source of knowledge, information and inspiration for women. We want to make women aware of all the knowledge they have inside them. And to give women a voice. To express their knowledge. By creating a digital platform where women can share and help other women. A place where women can connect.

seven2success launced on January, 7th 2013 and for the year 2014 it is our mission to create a community of at least 5,000 loyal readers and writers. A close tribe around the warm campfire of seven2success. A community in which communication is open, constructive, active and first and foremost positive. A tribe in which we share knowledge with each other and by that, help each other.

Eventually it is also our goal to grow and become a fully mature top online publishing company. A publisher of knowledge and inspiration in the form of eBooks, webinars, eCourses, and other valuable and cool digital stuff. Written and contributed by the invincible women of the seven2success community. In order to get all this valuable knowledge and information available to thousands of other women. So they can benefit from it. In knowledge, success and money.

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‘Knowledge is love and light and vision.’
Hellen Keller