Success principles

Success principles March


‘In order to succeed, your desire for success
should be greater than your fear of failure.

Bill Cosby

Clarity comes with action

One reason we put off potential successes is because we never feel quite ready to begin. We plan and plan and plan and wait… hoping to gain more clarity. You hold back because you’re scared or feel like you need to ‘know’ the outcome beforehand. But reality is you never know the outcome. No one is ever fully prepared for taking action. There is always more research to do and more clarity to be gained. Guess what: the fastest way to gain clarity is through taking action. See what is on the other side by travelling there! You can be playing a much bigger game!

No shortcuts

When you want to succeed, your motto should be: ‘Anything worth doing is worth doing well’. You cannot afford to take shortcuts. Shortcuts lead to imperfection and inadequacies. Strive for the best. Always! Even if it requires a little more time and effort.



Start your day with an intention
Don’t just jump out of bed in the morning acting on what the day brings you, figuring out what to do in the process. Create your day and start each day with an intention. Be clear and specific and during the day do something to demonstrate your commitment to your intention! By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself what you plan to do! That certainly will determine the quality of your day. Starting the day with an intention you’re creating the exact type of day you wish to have.



Make a promise to yourself
Have you made an important commitment to yourself? Have you promised yourself that you will not give up until you achieve success? Have you promised yourself that you are prepared to totally change the way you work, live, think and play until you achieve success? Do you have faith that you can achieve success? Once in a while re-examine your commitment, and then [if you are satisfied] realize that you’ve started your fantastic journey!

Care about what you do

People who don’t love what they are doing often get sick by working at jobs they hate. ‘Someone who genuinely loves their work is more satisfied and likely more motivated and productive during their time at work’, says Mary Hladio, founder and president of Ember Carriers Leadership Group. Life is to short to waist doing anything other then you love. People who do what they love for a living tend to live happier, more productive lives. Passion and care are essentials. You’ll have more fun, a far better chance of excelling, will value the experience more, becoming far more successful in the process!



Refuse to settle for less
Science has proven that we use only 1-10% of our full potential. So there is so much more to you! You have the infinite capacity to be, do and have all you have ever wanted. Why should you settle for something less than what you really want? You have goals you want to achieve and things you would love to be doing. So why not doing them? There is only one answer to that question and it is: FEAR. Real growth happens when you face your fears and ignore false limitations. And then every step you take brings you more life, more success and more happiness. From this moment on, refuse to settle for less than what you want!

Learn something new

Thinking you just know it all is just as harmful to achieving success as not knowing anything. When you hear yourself saying “Oh, but I already know that” …beware! This mentality means that you are currently refusing to see the issue at hand in any other way than your way. An important part of real success is to learn something new, again and again. Learning is growing and thinking you know it all ensures that you won’t learn anything new and by that achieve even less. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, nobody can stop you!

Feel fear, do it anyway

Although, some may call them “reasons”, people stop themselves all the time by using excuses. Everyone is afraid of something. Some people fear failure while others fear success. And many people are afraid of even trying. Anyone who has ever achieved any kind of success experienced fear, but took the ‘no-excuses-approach’, faced the fear and moved beyond it. The shortest way beyond fear is right through it. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Act in spite of the fear. The best way to get over fear is to walk directly into it. It takes courage but you know what? Walking into fear is never as bad as you think it’s going to be.

The sky is not the limit

What does this literally mean? The sky has no limit, it is widespread and there is no ending point for it at all. And once you realize that there is more to you, you learn that everything you wish for can be accomplished. There is no limit to you or your dreams. You have the ability to be great and to succeed in anything you want. Decide to be limitless!



Expect miracles
‘I am realistic, I expect miracles!’ ~Wayne W. Dyer
The dictionary says a miracle is a wonderful or surpassing example of some quality. Expect great things, and stop expecting the worst in every situation. Consider the moments in your past when things just worked out somehow. No matter how desperate your situation, look for a miracle. By spending your days expecting miraculous things to happen, thinking in your mind that miracles will start to occur, you actually bring them into your life. Take a deep breath, release your fears and trust that everything is okay as it is. For every crisis there is a miracle waiting. Expect it!



Choose abundance
Too often we use the old phrase ‘Life is not fair!’ That’s true. Life is not fair. Life is simply abundant! Every situation in life prompts us to choose between abundance and lack of abundance. What do you choose? The real choice occurs within. Once you have decided you want abundance in every area, the universe takes care of the details. Feeling blessed by whatever you have and are is that consciousness of abundance, which opens up the gates of endless possibilities. Choose abundance!



Drop the word ‘problem’
Like it or not, problems or challenges are a recurring part of life. Whether you choose to call them challenges or problems, certainly doesn’t change the fact that they happen. However, it does change the way we respond to them and that little shift can make a huge difference! Subconsciously, the word problem causes our energy to be funneled toward repairing ‘something that has gone wrong’. Not a very empowering state of mind. On the other hand, the word ‘challenge’ encourages us to recruit our inner resources and to view the situation as a new opportunity. A very empowering state of mind! As of now, be willing to grow by leaving problems out of your life. Embrace challenges!



Detect what’s holding you back
If you carry on the doing the same old things, you will carry on getting the same old results! It is YOU that has to change. Maybe it is just one flaw or bad habit that is holding you back… For example lack of focus, procrastination, pursuing instant gratification. Imagine how good your life could be if you were to conquer this one characteristic! Or do you have negative thoughts like ‘I can’t’, ‘It’s too late’, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘There’s so much that could go wrong’. Your thoughts today create your life tomorrow. Flush these destructive thoughts out of your mind!



Dedicate your time!
24. These are the hours in the day. What stops many people from achieving their dreams is thinking ‘Yes, I’ll start that task tomorrow!’ In reality you don’t ever get to tomorrow, you only have now! What are you going to do in the next hour? What have you planned for this one? Dedicate each hour to pleasure or to work, but don’t just let it drift away indecisively. And at this point, take a look again at success principle #13



Be committed
If you are committed to your cause no obstacle is too big. Always keep the end goal in mind. Remind yourself every day how great it will be when you get there. How full of energy you will be by letting go of your fears and embracing the power to be the best you can be. Then you will always find ways to overcome what previously seemed impossible. Commitment is what holds you on track when things become tough. Once you are totally committed to what you set out to do, the universe will start to organize things to come your way to assist you in achieving your goals.



Make a choice
The choices and changes that we make in our life, reflect the person that we are. Choosing is an act of exercising your freedom to change your life. To be who you can be. That freedom comes with responsibilities. When you make a choice, you become responsible for your actions or behaviour. And the first step to success is taking responsibility for your actions. If you’re unsure what to do in a given situation, keep it simple: toss a coin. Acting on the outcome of heads or tails, demands decisive action. And that is far better than no action at all! People can spend years wavering… Tossing a coin requirs action, even if you modify the action later! There are no wrong choices. There is no one way our life is supposed to go. Each choice leads to new possibilities and on and on it goes.



Develop success habits
Success is a habit. So is failure. Everything you do in life, the actions that you take and the decisions that you make are influenced by your habits. Breaking destructive habits that hinder you in your progress will free you to move forward in life. So develop success habits. As you develop success habits in your life, you will be able to achieve anything you want in life!



Break out of your comfort zone
We’re ruled by habits. We do things the same old way because it’s comfortable. One of the things that can prevent success is the difficulty of stepping outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the space that limits you the most and keeps you small. However, full enjoyment and fulfillment comes in those moments you step out of your comfort zone. And once you get used to breaking out of your comfort zone, you’ll find it gets bigger. So expand your comfort zone gradually. This can be an uncomfortable and even frightening experience at first. Eventually daring and stretching yourself regularly will become easier.



Live on purpose
Are you living with purpose or are you just drifting along on an automatic pilot? Just realizing that you have a purpose in life makes life more rewarding and fulfilling. Just realizing that you are born in this time and space for a reason makes life more rewarding and fulfilling. Living on purpose makes you happy to be alive. Living on purpose makes you jump out of bed in the morning to get the day started. Most people spend their whole lives figuring out what their life purpose is. It doesn’t have to take that long. In fact, according to Adam Leipzig it takes five questions and five minutes. Watch his great TEDTalk on ‘How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes’!



Find the positive in the negative
Unsuccessful people pout and sulk when something bad happens. Successful people move on and try to find the positive. In fact it often happens that the mini-disasters in life, such as losing a job, turn out to be the best that could happen. The technique to develop is to say: ‘OK something bad happened… Now how can I make use of that?’



To be successful you have to get more done and work more efficiently. Try to always keep busy. ‘Hop’ from task to task. The more you hop, the more you do, the more energy you will have. This is the reverse of the couch-potato, who is always tired. Hopping stops you having enough time to worry about the difficulty of doing a task, because you find yourself doing it before you realize.



Form a mastermind group
Find like-minded people on your path to success. Form a mastermind group. People you meet with or contact regularly to discuss your goals, strategies, successes and more. You keep each other on track and help tweak each other’s visions. Sometimes your job is to motivate one another. Sometimes you’ll have incredible brainstorming sessions. Sometimes you’ll partner up and form powerful, profitable joint ventures.



Use the ABCDE Method
This method by Brian Tracy is a process for setting short-term priorities. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by too many things to do and too little time, sit down, take a deep breath, and list all those tasks you need to accomplish.
A Stands for very important. Something you must do. Serious negative consequences if you don’t do it. | B Stands for important. Something you should do. Not as important as your A tasks. Minor negative consequences if not completed. | C Stands for things that are nice to do. Absolutely not as important as A’s or B’s. No negative consequences for not completing it. | D Stands for delegate. You can assign this task to someone else who can do the job instead of you. | E Stands for eliminate, whenever possible. You should eliminate every single activity you possibly can, to free up your time.
We all like to do C best but have to do A’s first! Successful people make a habit of doing things they don’t like to do!



Believe in a successful outcome
You can achieve a successful outcome, just by imagining it or believing it strongly enough. Become so confident something is going to happen that you brush aside all the difficulties that might previously have held you back or even stopped you. What you can believe you can achieve. Before you can win you sincerely have to believe that being successful is the only outcome. Visualize it. Visualisation certainly was not uncommon to the great inventors of our past. Before Henry Ford drove a car, the Wright Brothers flew an airplane or cavemen rolled a wheel they had successfully visualized their outcome. Their finished product began as a thought.



Your path to success can be emotionally stressful at times. As you start succeeding and going out of your comfort zone you will certainly enter new and unfamiliar areas. When this causes you anguish, you will find that deep breathing will bring you relief. Three to four deep breaths slowly and consciously into the abdomen. By doing this simple process each hour of your day you will be more productive. You will be able to stay focused and centered. Deep breathing helps you to stay or get yourself into ‘the state of flow’.



Commit to investing yourself
Imagine what could happen if you paid deep attention and respect to each action that you take? What if you gave active, genuine attention and care to every person that you come into contact with? Even in the briefest of moments. Commit to investing yourself! Ditch the disclaimers and dive in with attention. It’s amazing how much practising this can change everything. Every moment counts. Give your 100% to every task. Big or small. How you do anything is how you do everything!



Work is play
Do you know anyone that’s ever succeeded doing something they absolutely hate? I don’t! An important key to success is doing what you love. Do your best to find work that invigorates you and makes you excited. If you see your work as nothing more than a way to make money, then it will be nothing more than that. Sooner or later, it will be dreadful to be doing this work so many hours per day. It needs to be more than that. Your work needs to spark your creativity, make you smile, and inspire you.



Give, and you shall receive. If you want to succeed you first have to give. A lot! The way it seems to work is that you collect Karma-points. You have to give what you want to receive. If you want to receive love, then give love. If you want to be appreciated, appreciate more. You want to receive money, give money. Give silence. Give attention. Give ideas. Give time. The list is endless. What you will notice when you give is that you receive much more back in return. That is the way your Karma-points work.



Reclaim your power
Most likely you’ve experienced moments of powerlessness. You have probably also experienced moments when you gave away your power, consciously or unconsciously. You are the only one who has the power to map out your life and you get to use that power or give it away. Either way, you choose. By taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, you become a powerful individual that is capable of making choices and handling the consequences. Reclaiming your power will increase your confidence and clarity and you’ll be able to distinguish better what is true for yourself.



Reflect daily
Bring closure to your day through 10 minutes of reflection. Ask yourself “What went well?” and “What needs improvement?” With the habit of daily reflection, you’re able to continuously improve. It helps you learn from your mistakes. It could give you some great ideas. It makes you happier. It gives you perspective. Think about your day, your work, your life. In that order. So… what went well today? And how can you do more of it?



Change your circumstances
You have a choice: accept your situation or change it. If you choose to drift along in life, hoping that things will change for the better: stop it! When it comes to changing your circumstances, only you can. Only you have the power. If your circumstances lower your chances to success, change them!

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