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Women know, women help, women share, women read. In the tribe women traditionally always stuck together. When the men were out hunting, the women stayed behind to protect and care of the children, to clean up the hut, to gather and prepare food and to help each other. They did things together, with each other. They shared information and knowledge was available for everyone. Solidarity among women was high.

Fortunately there is evolution and emancipation. Today women have much more knowledge than just about children, household and food. Women occupy positions in business, top positions in management, they are active in politics, drive a truck, join the police force, work in the office and still take care of the home, the children and the kitchen.

Nowadays women carry loads of information and knowledge with them. There are women who know how to bake a delicious apple pie. There are women who know how to swap a flat tire or how to make the most beautiful digital photos. There are women who know everything about social media and blogging. And there are women who know how you keep the kids happy.

Fortunately, solidarity among women always stayed! Who do you call first if you have a problem or want to know something? Exactly, your mother or your best friend! Throughout history women shared their knowledge by giving and helping. Because two know more than one! And if the whole tribe knows… life is good! After all, we stick together!

In this time and space, in the 21st century, information is shared through the internet, in bits and bites. We can’t imagine a life without our smartphone, tablet or laptop anymore. What’s for dinner today? You just google a recipe! How to set up a good LinkedIn profile? You visit a blog containing the seven top tips. How do I take the most beautiful digital photos? You search the internet and download an eBook.

seventosuccess makes is possible for women to share their knowledge and information on this digital highway. A platform where knowledge and information becomes available for all women on the internet!


‘It’s about sharing.
You just give what you have to give wherever you go.’

Lindsay Wagner