Write for us!

Write for us!

We all have loads of knowledge within us. Our heads are packed with information. And what seems obvious to you ['But everyone knows that, right?!?'], is for someone else a real revelation. Completely new information.

In our mission you can read that we want to make women aware of their knowledge. And above all, we want to give women a voice by offering a platform to share all of their knowledge and inspiration. To make all the information available for thousands of women. So every woman can benefit. In knowledge, success and money. seven2success being the digital platform of knowledge and inspiration, by women for women.

And it is not about high profile authors. It’s about you and the information you have in your mind. And who knows? Maybe there is an up-and-coming talent in you! We are looking for women who want to share, professional or non-professional knowledge. Young women, older women, business women, mothers, daughters, … you get the picture!

In a nutshell: seven2success provides information, knowledge and inspiration for women like you and me. To share their knowledge, their experience, their personal growth with a beautiful, inquisitive and enthusiastic community of readers. Both through our blog and through a weekly newsletter.

So if you have knowledge that you think it is of value to our readers, of which they can learn and get inspired, share it with us! Write for us!

What are we looking for?

  • Original content! We want to keep our content original and exclusive to seven2success.
    We also accept content that has been previously published [for example on your own website] and is tweaked or updated for seven2success .
  • Use between 400-800 words.
  • Your post always consists of seven steps, seven ways, seven tips, seven
  • Choose your own unique ‘tone of voice’. Always write in a positive way. Write something that our readers can relate to and be inspired by.
  • No sales pitch! We will not publish articles that include a sales pitch or reference to products [either by yourself or a third party]. Of course your post will always be published under your name and links to your website and social media!
  • We write for women aged 35-55. Modern, independent women with two feet in the [digital] 21st century. With a strong interest in personal development and/or business development. Women who want to have it all! seven2success is by women and for women, keep that in mind.
  • We sincerely appreciate our guest bloggers and are very proud of their efforts. We have no financial compensation for you, but we like to publish a short [two to three sentences] biography and photograph of you. In this biography we add the links to your website, Facebook or Twitter account!
  • Each guest blogger gets a ‘Published on seven2success‘-banner [see below]. This you can embed in your own website and link back to your post on seven2success


  • Include all the sources that you used or quote from.
  • Send us your article as a Word document [.doc], without further formatting.
  • Once your article is published, we market it. Enhance this marketing by sharing it with your friends via email, your own website [with the 'Published on seven2success'-banner] and in your social media like Facebook and Twitter. There is no social without sharing!

On your marks, get ready… write!

  • Make sure your article has a [very short] title ['...: 7 Tips!' or '7 Steps to ... '] and refer to this title in the subject of the email that you send us.
  • Send us all relevant photographs as separate files. Do not paste them into the Word document. Provide links to the original source if you don’t own the image rights. Large images easily can be sent by www.WeTransfer.com
  • Write you short biography in a separate Word document [.doc]. Use less than 100 words and add links to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Send us a high resolution portrait that can be used in your biography. If possible, two different pictures of at least 300 x 300 pixels.
  • Send your article, pictures and biography by email to post [at] seven2success [dot] com. We read and review each submission carefully and then make a decision. If we feel that your post suits our readers it will be published. We have the right to edit your article, of course, without altering the content. In general we respond within 14 days.

Share the knowledge that is within you!
Join our community and write for us!
Thank you!


‘Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.’
E.B. White